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December 2018
Close to finalising a new teacher aide for 2018 to replace Jill McCartie who is retiring.
Board needs to acknowledge her retirement.
Two teachers have been accepted for reading recovery in 2019 which means I will be looking for a 0.8 part time teacher, or two 0.4 part time teachers.

October 2018
In committee:
Two applications for study support:
Application One (private - hard copies have been sent out)
Application Two (private - hard copies have been sent out)

Ange Asi has been appointed to the fixed term scale A position for 2019.  She will be taking a year's leave from her permanent part time position.

September 2018
Principal's appraisal is set with Siobhan Patterson, principal at Tirau School on 13-14 November.

Advertising for a fixed term position for 2019 based on roll fluctuation.  The position is suitable for a beginning teacher.

June 2018
The principal has started self-appraisal - but due to delays, nothing has yet been put in place for an appraisal process this year.  Suggest this year appraisal is done jointly between principal and board chair and next year we engage an external appraiser.

May 2018
The year 7 teacher resigned at the end of term 1 due to being a high school experienced teacher.  Extra support and guidance was provided.

Ange Asi and Ann Dooley agreed to job share the year 5/6 class (4 days to 1 day) and Jennifer Herbst moved to year 7  - she has extensive experience in this area and she was amenable to the challenge.  Since she had to set up a new classroom in the holidays having already set one up at the start of the year she was allocated two extra days release time in term 2 to compensate.

The principal is on extended sick leave.  The first plan was for the senior leadership team to manage day to day issues and for the principal to continue the rest of her work at home.  It quickly became clear this was not going to work.  The second plan implemented at the start of week 2 is Nicola Winders is released full time from her year 4/5 class with Ann Dooley stepping in full time and Ange Asi taking full time responsibility for the year 5/6 class.  Lorraine continues to work the equivalent of a day a week at home, and Nicola will be paid a principal's allowance of 4 days a week.

These teachers: Jennifer Herbst, Ange Asi and Ann Dooley have shown incredible loyalty and flexibility in doing what needed to be done for the school and the children.  Nicola Winders also was not expecting this and has stepped up with dignity and integrity.  The board would wish to acknowledge this.

Kelly McClaren resigned her teacher aide position to accept a job with greater hours.  As we are paying more teacher aide time than we have funding for and because we want to save for next year's classroom staffing, the teacher aide timetable has been rearranged to meet health and learning priorities and Kelly's hours will not be replaced.

December 2017

Staff units 2018
Classes 2018

The attached links are to the final blogpost that each staff member made on the completion of the Mindlab program that the board has sponsored for us this year.


October 2017
AP & Junior Syndicate leader has been advertised internally.  The Board will need to interview for AP.  Closing dates 13 November.  We need to arrange an interview time shortly after that.

The In-School COL teacher will be advertised internally once we have all the staffing for 2018 sorted out.  All the paperwork is available: COL In school teacher application pack.  This position is dependent on the COL achievement challenge being approved by the Ministry.

I have advertised nationally in the Gazette for a fixed term (2 years) part time position to job share with Morgan and to cover reading recovery release for 2018.  The position will be about 0.7 FTTE.  The board does not need to be part of this process and I will interview if necessary with the Junior Syndicate Leader.

See correspondence for resignation letter.  We will be advertising for a Permanent Tagged Scale A teacher.

Principal appointment
Deputy Principal Secondary appointment (S467)
Deputy Principal Primary appointment (S467) 
Tagged teacher appointment (S464)
Untagged teacher appointment
Principal Fixed Term appointment
Tagged Fixed Term appointment

August 2017

  • Resignation from Siobhan Burke - AP
  • As preference criteria have tightened the roll will also tighten.  In 2017 we will probably have 8 classes.
  • Our 10th classroom this year is a fixed term position and so we won't have an actual vacancy to replace the AP
  • The AP position and Siobhan's part of the DRS role will be advertised internally.  
  • As our DP has the skills to work in either the junior or senior areas, we have the flexibility to appoint an AP who may have only junior or senior skills and fit them to their best area.  
  • Lorraine is now support principal in the COL and the job description will need to be woven into her appraisal.  There is discussion of ongoing principal appraisal happening through the COL.  But need appraisal with Catholic SC understanding.

Staff are being made aware of potential career-enhancing opportunities:
  • Our CoL will soon be appointing an "in school" teacher which will be just in St Joseph's and support St Joseph's staff - this will be worth $8000 pa and two hours release a week.
  • Our CoL will also soon be appointing an "across school" teacher with two days release and a salary component of $18,000 pa.  Request that the Board should change its original position that St Joseph's teachers should not apply for this role as this would preclude our staff from career-enhancement.

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