December 2018
Year 7 Camp Report

2018 Achievement Data
2018 Analysis of Variance

Science Board Report 2018
SENCO Report 2018

June 2018
Mid Year Achievement Reading, Writing, Maths 2018
Mid Year Target Student Report 2018
Board Self Review of Mid Year Achievement Reading, Writing, Maths 2018 - and target students

ELL Apprentice -Board Report June 2018

  • Met with Jan to discuss role of ELL Co-Ordinator
  • Met with Janice Tofia at end of Term 1 to discuss her role within our school this year
  • Janice Tofia visited Danique’s classroom for a coconut cream making lesson, Jennifer also sat in on this lesson
  • Staff PD held with Janice Tofia after school about Cultural responsiveness on 9th May
  • Staff PD held with Jan & Tua regarding ELLP Matrices to assess for funding and how to complete this paperwork, Tongan language resources shared with all staff,
  • Pasifika Fono held at school at 6pm for teachers/students & whanau to have a chance to discuss how we can better communicate about their children’s learning
  • Janice spent the day working with all classes.  Legend of the coconut, coconut scraping and making coconut cream (25/06/2018)

Danique McRae & Jennifer Herbst


  • Enviro schools Expression of Interest Form sent to Robyn Zink on March 19th
  • March 22nd we were given notice of selection into the Enviroschools project
  • Morgan set up group meeting and we began creating Science rubric with CoL schools.  This will help us pad out our science curriculum.
  • Will develop a scratch folder/resources including books Morgan has for use in the STEAM space.
  • Met after school May 31st to discuss STEAM space.
  • Moved science ‘stuff’ from upstairs to the new space and cleared the walls for STEAM science posters (from Weston), ‘our thinking wall’ and coding area signage.
  • Staff meeting has been held to:
  • share science curriculum focus for T3
  • share rubric to use for assessment
  • showcase STEAM space
  • explain and share weekly experiments for term 3

Danique McRae, Morgan Tangney, Sara Jones-Hogan - STEAM Team

May 2018
Reading, Writing, Maths update
Social Sciences - full review
Science interim update

Term 1 RE Self Review 2018

Maths start of 2018 data

Well BelowBelowAtAboveWell AboveAt or Above

Writing start of 2018 data

Well BelowBelowAtAboveWell AboveAt or Above

Reading start of 2018 data

Well BelowBelowAtAboveWell AboveAt or Above

National Standards self review 210`7

Year 8 Camp Report
Year 7 camp report

Spelling Board Report


Syndicate Leaders - based on syndicate leader’s job descriptions

Junior - Leanne (½ year)
Proactively manage relationships:
  • Regular emails, personal conversations and sharing of information digitally and collaboratively amongst team.
  • Proactively share and communicate with support staff
  • Check in with individuals re: day to day well-being.
  • Support team with initiatives for students.
  • Support positive relationships and JJ tokens
Assessment & Reporting
  • Maintain, monitor and update assessment schedules and Timetables
  • Perform OMA’s and 6 yr assessments and share with parents/whanau
  • Lead and sustain on-going Junior writing moderation
  • Monitor Monitoring of student profiles.
  • Lead and Mentor and support staff with personal Spiral of Inquiries for Professional Development
  • Deliberately plan with the team using SOLO for RE/Inquiry/Science
  • Support ELL lessons by sharing ideas and supporting implementation of these ideas with individuals and groups

Teaching and Learning
  • Always remain Christ centered and child focussed in our Teaching and Learning promoting equity of opportunities
  • Leading planning for Nativity
  • Maintaining Junior book resources

Senior - Nicola
Proactively manage relationships:
Communicated each term regarding moderating  OTJ’s, Meeting minutes were shared with each other and the Principal.
  • supported positive incentives, - mindfulness practice,  4 and 5, shared class incentive systems, JJ tokens
  • support and encourage staff to maintain an orderly environment and high expectations- Yes and teachers shared concerns and sought clarification of school procedures, progressions and planning...
  • collaboratively make behaviour improvement plans when needed - Nicola contributed as part of the Well Being committee
  • support teachers with parent communication,- all shared with Principal
  • ensure all relationship matters - concerns/complaints, behaviour management is documented, filed and shared with principal-  Nicola again contributed as part of the Well Being committee.

Assessment & Reporting
  • Maintained Assessment schedules as itemised in on each term meeting planner and met as a syndicate.
  • moderation within syndicate- OTJ’s were moderated each term using school moderation format which was cross referenced with the Principal.
  • leading/maintaining monitored student profiles & teaching as inquiry- These were shared during syndicate meetings and minuted.As a syndicate monitored students  were shared and what is being done to help accelerate learning and shared strategies with each other.  Teachers were encouraged to share concerns with Individuals, classes and supported again with suggestions and strategies,
          Teachers shared Spirals of Inquiries and supported each other in clarifying
           hunches and next steps. What was working and points of interest and testing
           the hunch.
  • curriculum development and documentation (particularly intermediate in 2017)- this was an open document for suggestions and will trial progressions using the PACT learning  tool.
  • maintaining pedagogical expectations and giving pedagogical feedback / critical friend organisation- as part of staff development- using solo taxonomy , visible learning, teacher spiral inquiry and monitored students

Teaching and Learning
  • Ensure pedagogical consistency in syndicate in line with school expectations- Yes as shown in Inquiry planning and spirals.

  • leading syndicate planning for inquiry / trips / EOTC - and delegating responsibilities- planning for Inquiry undertaken in syndicate meetings. Trips saps viewed by Nicola.

Intermediate - Morgan
Proactively manage relationships:

  • Maintain open communication and a positive relationship with SJH and I
  • Work alongside senior syndicate maintaining positive relationships and ensuring that our ideas align
  • Encourage positive relationships with other teachers, leadership, students, parents and the community. Help with these relationships and communication too
  • Ensuring that classes behaviour management runs smoothly, aligns with the schools thoughts and extra support when needed too.
  • Ensuring meetings and everything is documented.
  • Day to day conversations about children, checking in and supporting well-being too.

Assessment & Reporting
  • Making sure that we are up to date with our assessments
  • Supporting setting up assessments and expectations around these
  • Moderation
  • Support with report writing
  • Support and moderation of OTJ’s
  • Monitoring monitored student profiles, support with smart goals, next steps etc…

Teaching and Learning
  • Maintaining good pedagogy
  • A lot of work around learning progressions, evidencing, inquiry, key competencies and self-directed learning
  • Long term plans
  • Support with planning and pedagogy when needed
  • Support with camp planning and preparation and other EOTC excursions throughout the year

Fixed Term Unit Spelling - Christina and Megan
  • Investigated possible sources of schoolwide spelling systems/resources that incorporate these elements.
  • Yolanda Soryl (Wellington PD)
  • Implemented School wide spelling Programme (WordLab)
  • Made Spelling Kits from years 1-8
  • Our Charts (Made for each year level)
  • Our Words (Made for each year level)
  • Meet with syndicates to show/teach How to implement WordLab into their class daily. “Teacher Resource”
  • Feedback from Teacher Survey
  • Spelling Test (Australian)  results
  • Whole staff have completed WordLab PD
  • Spent time working with teacher aides training them to use Yolanda Soryl

Fixed Term Unit Te Reo - Anna
  • Currently organising weekly Te Reo Maori Club during lunch time where students are welcome to come learn new vocabulary through Maori games, participate in Maori cultural art and crafts and learn new commands to then teach their class.
  • Create Te Reo visual displays throughout the school including the library.
  • Our children participated in the North Otago Hui Ako Kapa Haka
  • Uploaded Te Reo mihi templates for each year level and shared with staff.
  • Created a digital platform providing staff with classroom resources and teaching ideas for Matariki
  • Created a digital platform providing staff with classroom resources and teaching ideas for Maori Language week
  • Created a digital platform providing staff with classroom resources and teaching ideas for Te Reo Maori and Tikanga in the classroom.
  • Provide staff with online basic Te Reo pronunciation, phrases and vocabulary websites.  

Fixed Term Unit Promotions - Megan
  • Take photographs at school events.
  • Take Video eg. Speeches,Dances, Celebrations.
  • Celebrate Children’s outstanding achievement
  • Upload to Facebook
  • Aim at one newspaper article per term. (Cross Country, Food Fair, Book Day)
  • Ensure photos are publically displayed at school.
  • Advertise school events (Wall Displays)

Fixed Term Unit Pasifika Coordinator - Tua
  • Currently run the homework club for our Tongan children and others one day per week.
  • Our Pasifika children have been involved at the Pasifika fiefia Night by doing an item for the night. Fiefia Night was organised by the North Otago Pasifika Cluster- with a focus at raising the achievement of our Pasifika children.
  • Our children did a Tongan performance at the Waitaki Public Library- when celebrating Tongan Language Week, and Multicultural Day Celebration.
  • Provide resources, skills to teachers around Pasifika Values.
  • Being part of an I.E.P for one of our Tongan child and her family.
  • Liase with some families especially when it come to communication- translating letters etc.
  • Support ELL coordinator for making sure Pasifika families attend regularly at our Termly Multicultural Fono.
  • Attend North Otago Pasifika Sustainable Cluster- Pasifika Success Talanoa Project meetings.

Reading Recovery Report

Reading recovery this year has catered for 2 students at a time -  each with ½ hr teaching per day. Four children have completed the programme which provides opportunity for accelerated progress, and two others are currently on the programme.  One should complete in December and the other will continue in 2018. Two children have since moved to other schools.Three boys and three girls have had the opportunity.
Beginning Reading Level
Discontinuing Reading Level
Accelerated levels of progress
Gender & Ethnicity
Weeks on Programme
F.  Maori
26 weeks/108 Lessons
M. NZ European
28 weeks/116 Lessons
F. NZ European
15 weeks/52 Lessons
M. NZ European
19 weeks/79 Lessons

I am very proud of the progress the children have made and with the classroom teachers support we are on-going monitoring through the Classroom Monitoring system and sustaining progress.

ELL BOT Report 2017
Support for ELL students in 2017 has been targeted to monitored students and new entrants whose English language skills need strengthening to enable them to function socially and to access the curriculum. ELL support is very specific and is given in consultation with the student’s teacher after needs have been identified through observation and assessments. There is an emphasis on vocabulary, modelling of concepts and lots of discussion.  The school wide assessment system and astute teacher observation has proven to be very effective in identifying needs. While most support is given by class teachers, teacher aides, working under the direction of the student’s teacher, also work with small groups or occasionally one to one with a student, depending on the need.  The ELL Co-ordinator advises and through staff meetings is developing teacher capability in working with ELLS. In 2017 school-wide assessments identified a need among Pasifika ELLS to raise mathematical skills, focusing on place value, fractions and multiplication. Children were grouped according to their levels and taught within these areas for two half hour sessions per week in Term 3 with the aim of raising levels by one stage. Mathematics PLD, targeted at teachers of Pasifika children, was also given across our COL by Mathematics Advisor, Shona Macrae. Within a very small cohort, frequent or prolonged absences have affected learning and this is being followed up through parent education and meetings.

Curriculum Reports 2017
National Standards Data end of year 2017
Analysis of Variance
National Standards Analysis
Spelling Board Report

Mid year target updates: maths, reading, writing
Board self review for mid year data

Student achievement targets for 2017: Reading, Writing, Maths

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