Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Agenda 3rd July 2018

Agenda 3rd July 2018 - 6.00pm

Prayer - Adrienne

Board Training - Special Character Review:
Catholic Education - excerpts from a presentation by Bishop Charles Drennan for our reflection, reproduced with permission.
Catholic self review process overview - CATHOLIC SCHOOL SELF REVIEW

From the Pews

Special Catholic Character - Assurance - to be taken as read.  Bring any questions or comments.

- Principal's report, - Assurance - will be unpacked at meeting

Curriculum -
Update: - term 2 updates done in May meeting
Property: & Health & Safety

Finance & - MOTION TO BE PASSED - see report
Grants: - to be taken as read
Cultural - Pasifka Fono Report
Strategy - See the school curriculum review plans - our strategic reporting to board plan will need to be readjusted.

NAG 3 Personnel

Whitestone Kahui Ako Report: not this meeting

NAG 6 Administration : Accept minutes of previous meeting
For the Board to consider .- potential industrial action - regardless of any employee's individual convictions, if NZEI members vote to take industrial action, all members are bound by it.
If the 3 hour work stoppage is agreed by a majority of members this would result in a half-day school closure on the afternoon of Thursday August 15th for all primary and intermediate schools and kura.  See Further implications of a strike are here.

Do schools have to close if teachers and principals are on strike?

It is a Board's decision whether or not to close a school. Partial closure is not an option under the law.
Principals and staff board reps should not be involved in any Board decisions about staffing during a strike or school closure as this puts them into a situation of a conflict of interest. Boards should be advised to seek advice from STA and the Ministry if they require more guidance.

Inwards and outwards correspondence

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