September 2017
BOT Multicultural Sub-committee Report – September

 Filipino and Tongan classes progressing well.
 The Tongan community attended the North Otago fiefia evening where our children gave a
well - rehearsed item. Two children from each attending school were presented with
Excellence Certificates, including pupils from St Joseph’s School.
 Our children from St Joseph’s School were represented at the Oamaru Public Library with an
item during Tongan Language Week.
 The Tongan community met to hear about the KOS programme which has recently been
taught to all classes in the school.
 The Food Fair was discussed and stall holder groups are well underway with their planning.
Questions were raised about how much pre-preparation/cooking could be done off-site.
 It was noted that the timing of the school’s Multicultural Day comes at a busy time for some

of our parents.

August 2017
Multi-Cultural Sub-committee Report
August 2017
  • The Sub-committee met in two sessions so that all people were able to be involved in the meeting
  • Agenda/Discussion:

  • The role of the Multi-cultural committee to represent their communities and other ELL parents at BOT level. Please note that this happens within the framework of school policies.
  • As we have had some difficulty getting this sub-committee together because of members’ work commitments, it was decided that evening meetings were best and that we should be able to set these meetings a month in advance.
  • Upcoming dates were discussed and will be followed up by an email – Multi-cultural Parent’s Meeting (Filipino Pagsasama, Tongan Fono and Chinese Meeting), Food Fair, Term 4 Multi-cultural Parent’s Meeting and Multi-cultural Day - so that the Sub-committee representatives can inform their communities.
  • KOS was discussed as this can be a sensitive programme affected by cultural ideas about what is, and what is not, talked about publicly. The Tongan community will have a meeting so that the programme can be discussed in Tongan to better inform the parents about the content of KOS and the reasons for offering this programme.

June 2017
Multicultural Sub–committee Report Term 2
Both the Tongan and the Filipino after school groups are now up and running at St Joseph’s School. We are very lucky to have two qualified Primary teachers to run these groups, with Tua Misilioi, aided by Talanoa Palu, teaching the Tongan group and Marisol Rollan teaching the Filipino group. Both groups meet for an hour each week and it’s great to see the positive attitudes of the students. Through these classes the children are able to keep their language and culture alive. Building strong competency in a child’s home language has been shown to improve knowledge and fluency in subsequent languages which leads to strengthening the child’s ability to speak English.
The Tongan Homework Group: ( Report supplied by Tua Misiloi)
  • Once a week – every Tuesday.
  • At the start the group discussed about what they want to do at the homework day.
  • They came up with three main key ideas. – Aim
  •                                                                -How to achieve the aim
  •                                                                -Anything else need to cover.
Aim: To learn about the Tongan language, proverbs and vocabulary.
        To have a deeper knowledge of using the Tongan language in either sentence structure, or asking and answering questions.
       To learn about Tongan songs and dances/performances.

Ways to achieve the aim:
-To learn about it
-Listen to the teacher/parents
-Participate in group discussions and add ideas to the activities given. Give it a go (challenge themselves)
-Attend the homework day at all the available times.

Ideas Added
-Maths- in Tongan/English
-Tongan Fakafe’iloaki/Mihi

-Reading books in Tongan

March 2017

The Tongan Fono, Filipino Pagsasama and Chinese cultural group all met on the same evening this term.  They all met in separate areas and conversed in their own language.  Jan, Lorraine and Tua then met them for feedback.  Then all groups joined in the staffroom for a shared presentation, discussion and then a shared supper.

No concerns arising.

Lot is going to talk to Marisol about the FIlipino class.  We may advertise for a teacher.
Filipino cup has been found.  We will present it at the end of year prize-giving - Feely will present it.  It has been entered on the cup record with the conditions recorded.

Jane will write a short explanation in Chinese and in English to explain the Chinese wall hanging donated by the Chinese community.

Multicultural Day:  Term 4 - booked Tuesday 14th November.  Jan will send a notice about it and it will be translated if needed.

Tongan homework club has not been attended.  We will talk in next Multicultural hui about the reasons and the homework club to see if we can get a better commitment for next term.

Jane asked about communication with teachers.  Want to know what the teachers are thinking of their children - how well they are doing.  Jan and Jane to talk further.  Parents would come if the children invited them in.  The children can translate.  Open classroom with a specific invitation.

February 2017
Cultural Sub Committee
Present: Lorraine Frances-Rees, Talanoa Palu, Jan Plieger
Matters Discussed:

  • Role of committee as liaison between different cultural groups.
  • Are resources working correctly?
  • Look at celebration within cultural groups and what we need to happen for success.
  • Jan to approach members of Chinese and Filipino communities with a view to bringing in cultural representation to this committee.
  • White Sunday important to Tongan Community(1st Sunday in May)
  • Beginning of year Tongan community gets together to bless children at beginning of school year – each congregation has one high school speaker or older students at this, speaking in Tongan about the importance of learning.
  • Discussion about keeping Tongan language alive. Peta to give notices in English
  • Bringing the different cultural groups together under leadership of senior students/ Tongan language. This could be picked up with other groups.
  • Meet the Teacher. Tua welcome in Tongan – also other cultural welcomes.
  • Note in Tongan re meet the teacher groups. Other languages?
  • Parents need to be encouraged to bring concerns forward.
  • Pasifika after school classes to start up shortly. Jan to contact Filipino group re Filipino classes.


November 2016
New Cultural subcomittee - Talanoa Palu, Jan Plieger and Lorraine Frances-Rees.  Determination of scope.

Term 4: Pasifika Fono - discussion, LFR introduced  - they said how lucky we are having Tua as a teacher, their spokesperson and liaison.  Homework group is continuing for 2017.  They wanted to focus on year 7 & 8 next time to see what help as parents they could give to their children to prepare for year 8 and high school. Also about a Pasifika educationist to talk to the group.

Filipino Pagsasama: Lualhti Mordeno agreed to be the liaison between school and the Filipino community regarding pagsasamas.  A notice about forthcoming meetings would be sent home through Marisol Filipino Facebook group and through the children.

They wanted to have their own meeting before meeting with us and we would come in after half an hour.  We will suggest this as a format for other groups.

Chinese meeting - some discussion around some areas of concern for the Chinese community and these concerns were resolved.

A cultural day is planned for week 9 with workshops, performances and a shared lunch.

Teaching and learning - we would like to budget for a Tongan-speaking teacher aide next year.

Term 3 2016
Talanoa Palu coopted to Board as Pasifika representative.

Pasifika Fonos and Filipino Pagsasamas have been planned for 2016. All cultural groups will contribute to the Home & School Food Fair.

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