Thursday, 9 June 2016

Latest Board News

As a result of the Board of Trustees bi-election, we welcome Bruce Wickham, Andy Bradley and Katrina Miller onto the Board.

BOT Elections 
We are delighted to announce that we have five parents who are members on our BOT.  As we are within our allocated number of seven parent reps we did not have an election and can confirm our BOT members. 
Parent rep – Claire Cameron 
Parent rep- Sharni Cunningham 
Parent rep – Michael Plieger  
Parent rep – Grant Finn 
Parent rep – Rose Davies 
Staff rep – Paul Cartlidge 
Proprietor’s rep – Adrienne Wylie  
Proprietor’s rep – Bev Conlan  
A special welcome to Rose and Paul who are new board members. 
The BOT would also like to have additional members to reflect the multi cultural make up of our community and hope to co-opt parents to fill that need. 

We also had two parents whose nominations weren’t valid but who are interested in becoming members of the Board. As we are able to have seven parent reps on the board we hope that they will be able to join us through the process of selection. We will keep you informed. 

I would like to extend a special thank you to Des Burke, Lynne Cullimore and Anne Dooley who have now stepped down from the board after many years’ commitment and service to education at St Joseph’s.  

Principal Appointment 
We are currently focused on the appointment of a new Principal to replace Jenny Jackson who leaves at the end of the termThe appointment panel, with the support of our advisor, Carmel Brosnahan, has developed an application package with person specifications, which will be the focus of our shortlisting and interviews.  
Thank you to our senior pupils who sent considered and helpful responses, which were aimpressive example of the student leadership we have in the school 

Person Specificationthe BOT requires of our new Principal  

  1. Will embrace the special Catholic character of our school and its vision in the development of religious, pastoral and professional life of the school’s community and reflect and model the values of Christ and the gospels. 
  1. Be an excellent communicator who can build strong positive relationships with students, staff, the board, parents and community. 
  1. Show outstanding curriculum leadership with vision and a commitment to excellence with high student achievement as a focus. 
  1. Have the ability to lead, empower and support teachers to continually develop their skills, knowledge and teaching practice. 
  1. Have the ability to manage conflict and to solve problems effectively and calmly.  
  1. Have the ability to work collaboratively to develop peer networks and professional learning communities.  
  1. Demonstrate knowledge and experience using E learning to raise student achievement and have the ability to manage and modify the resources. 
  1. Be responsive to and inclusive of our culturally diverse community. 

We are delighted to have Mrs Jill Baird as our Acting Principal from Term 3 until our new principal is appointed and available. 

Bev Conlan
Board Chair