Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Agenda 12 December 2018

Agenda 12 December 2018

Prayer - Lorraine

Board Training - SMART goals

From the Pews

Special Catholic Character - Assurance - to be taken as read.  Bring any questions or comments.

- Principal's report, - Assurance - will be unpacked at meeting

Curriculum -

Policies - Board Governance
Policy Review:
Done at last meeting

Property: & Health & Safety -

Finance & Grants: - to be taken as read
Motion: Minute auditor for 2018

Resolution to be Passed:
St Joseph's School Board of Trustees agreed at the Board Meeting of 12 December to apply to New Zealand Community Trust for $6000 towards the salary of our Sports Coordinator.  I certify that this  is a true and correct record of the resolution passed at the 12th December Board meeting.  Signed_______________ Board Chair_________date

Cultural - not this meeting
Strategy - see National Standards Above

NAG 3 Personnel - Units, Classes 2018, Mindlab Training Review

NAG 6 Administration : Accept minutes of previous meeting
Board Resignation - Email motion in mid January to fill the position by selection.

Inwards and outwards correspondence

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Board News 9 November 2017

On behalf of our BOT I am  delighted to welcome Rory  Mckeown and Rebecca Meek as our two selected Board of Trustee members.  Rebecca and Rory will undertake an introductory training session and will attend our next meeting as full members of our Board.  We are fortunate to have a full and committed board who work to support the Principal and staff to ensure that all students at St Josephs school receive the best possible education.