Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Board Meeting Tuesday 18 September, 6.00pm

Agenda 18 September 2018 - 6.00pm

Prayer - Rory

Board Training - Board Behaviour Management Training - report on Strategy tab - attendees to speak to it. For information: our overall procedures on wellbeing, behaviour management and bullying

Governance matters arising from that - delegations

From the Pews

Special Catholic Character - Assurance - to be taken as read.  Bring any questions or comments.

- Principal's Report September 2018, - Assurance - will be unpacked at meeting

Curriculum -
Student Wellbeing Surveys
RE Achievement, RE self review
EOTC applications - year 7 and year 8 camp - board needs to approve these
Review: Reading.  This is a teacher review of the reading curriculum which we have worked on this term - this is our draft reading curriculum which has come out of the review.  This is shared with the board for information.


Policy updates: - done at last meeting

Property: & Health & Safety - see compliance matters in principal's report

Finance see report
Grants: - See report
Cultural - We have a multicultural consultation evening planned for 20th September. This time we have invited all migrant families. We are focusing on reading.
- upcoming uniform review - process will need to be approved.
Wellbeing Survey (already discussed under curriculum).

NAG 3 Personnel -

Whitestone Kahui Ako Report: not this meeting - note it is time for a new lead principal.

NAG 6 Administration : Accept minutes of previous meeting

Inwards and outwards correspondence

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