Board as Employer

  • Resignation from Siobhan Burke - AP
  • As preference criteria have tightened the roll will also tighten.  In 2017 we will probably have 8 classes.
  • Our 10th classroom this year is a fixed term position and so we won't have an actual vacancy to replace the AP
  • The AP position and Siobhan's part of the DRS role will be advertised internally.  
  • As our DP has the skills to work in either the junior or senior areas, we have the flexibility to appoint an AP who may have only junior or senior skills and fit them to their best area.  
  • Lorraine is now support principal in the COL and the job description will need to be woven into her appraisal.  There is discussion of ongoing principal appraisal happening through the COL.  But need appraisal with Catholic SC understanding.

Staff are being made aware of potential career-enhancing opportunities:
  • Our CoL will soon be appointing an "in school" teacher which will be just in St Joseph's and support St Joseph's staff - this will be worth $8000 pa and two hours release a week.
  • Our CoL will also soon be appointing an "across school" teacher with two days release and a salary component of $18,000 pa.  Request that the Board should change its original position that St Joseph's teachers should not apply for this role as this would preclude our staff from career-enhancement.

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