Catholic Character

December 2018

End of Year Mass 2018 13/12 @6pm
Yr 8 will take nga kete and receive candles at final Mass. Paul Olsen will lead out students.
Junior classes presenting Nativity
Paul Olsen to lead out Yr 8 students from Mass.
Just like Jesus awards

Reconciliation for Yr 4-8 students Tuesday 11/12

Commissioning Mass- March 5 for staff and teachers of St Joesph's and St Kevin's
Shared teacher meal planned afterwards
Teachers to be recognised for gaining leadership status.

Staff retreat next year - planning.
Senior Leadership visiting Sr Mary Horn to view studio and listen to her speak about the future of the Dominican tradition at our school.

October 2018
SC Committee Meeting
1.- NW spoke to School Report (below)
        Report on SC happenings in School - NW

Teaching - Sacrament Strand
       Liturgical Calendar- Mass - All Saints Day Nov 1 - School mass day MT is on mass and knows.
                                 - All Souls Day
                                  - Advent 
        Teachers have observed with their classroom something new in another classroom-    Spirituality development. This experience this proved a wonderful privilege to share prayer   with another classroom and was often held outside. 
      Teachers are also unpacking the Mass in classrooms using the large book powerpoints that were purchased from the Catholic Convention.

2. Conversation on Draft Special Character Review (will be forwarded in hard copy to board)

There are some straightforward factual things to correct - these have been shared with committee.

Discussed two of the recommendations further - in light of our evidence.  Lorraine will give feedback once the Board has considered:
Recommendation: Develop the effective teaching of Religious Education as a ‘teaching as inquiry process’ and include as an appraisal goal, asking questions such as: “What does quality learning look like in RE? How can I extend my knowledge of good teaching practices?  How willing am I to find and try innovative strategies to enhance the experience for the learner?” (Links to Special Character Charter Goal 2)

Recommendation: Devise ways of deliberately integrating the core teachings of Catholic Social Teaching -
Personal Responsibility, Respect and Caring for the Earth, Protection of the Poor and Vulnerable, Care for the Whole Human Family, Human Dignity, The Common Good, Equality & Fairness, Respect for Life, Family and Community and Participation - with the School Values and in all teaching and learning, particularly in Religious Education, so that adults and children alike make the connections between words and lived actions. (Links to 2019 Charter Goal “Making a difference to our community and world through solving problems that matter”.)

Feedback from Proprietor's Representative - the BOT questionnaires were very long and a big ask.  There was no discussion around it.  It took several hours to fill in and would have liked to have the opportunity to speak to it / unpack it further.
First review where the proprietor's reps have not met separately and been involved in feedback.
The reviewers left at the start of the third day due to our bereavement and so didn't finish as expected.

3. End of year mass - Thursday 13th December, 6pm.  Aim at an hour like last year.  Nativity liturgy as part of mass, also prize-giving.   Confirm with Fr Wayne.

4. Mission money discussion - could do more - need to show the children where it goes to.  Also perhaps use some of the money for local things e.g. seeds for the garden, or projects with food bank.  We can bring this up when we plan curriculum for 2019.

5. Confirmation dates, and sacramental dates for 2019 - need Fr Wayne for that discussion.

6. Staff retreat next year - discussed - can't fit in another teacher only day, so on a weekend.  Discussed whether we would combine with parish - would be good, also needs to be professionally linked in order to make worthwhile for teachers so may not work so well as a general thing.  Things to look into: retreats online (Fr James Martin), labyrinth (somewhere local), Presbyterian church at Weston, try Sr Jan, try Chch diocese links.

7. Student leadership - include service leadership - e.g. making practical outcomes from learning - community social justice, technology leaders - e.g. for mass Powerpoint, mics etc., SC leaders could delegated prayers and organise rostering.

Meeting closed 8.40am.
September  2018
Report on SC happenings in School - NW
·      God assessments using Post- test and from Key Ideas using assessment that incorporates Solo Taxonomy.
·      Current strand of RE teaching Church Strand
·      Social Justice Week beginning September 10. Resources from Caritas were included in lessons and a liturgy was presented in Kotuitui time.
         Week 9 Catholic Review Team
·      Week 10 Singing Cup finals and House Choirs to be held in St Joseph’s school hall.

·     Liturgy and Spirituality PD September 7 from 3.30- 7pm 
     Lorraine led staff Professional Development with a second evening with a focus around unpacking the Mass for ourselves and exploring and sharing ways to unpack with students.
·      Teachers have included something they are going to try in class prayer and observe something new during another classroom’s prayer time.
·      Lorraine has emailed teachers for expressions of interest in taking opportunity to undertake Graduate papers for Developing Catholic Leadership.

August 2018
Internal Review Checkpoint - Encounter with Christ, mid 2018
Special Character Proprietor's Report

Agenda for Committee Meeting
- internal review what next
- Proprietor's Report
- Questionnaires for Encountering Christ - will share at meeting
- Update on Bridging document and what next for us in RE (LFR)
- Upcoming staff spirituality pd
- Update on First Communion

Report on SC happenings in School - NW

     Prayer Imaginative Prayer Module Week 1
God Strand beginning week 2- each teacher meeting with Lorraine
around assessment for the strand using St Joseph’s key concepts, RE curriculum and Solo Taxonomy.

Week 4- August 16 @ 6.30pm - Jumanji the 4R’s Senior school production where each class perform around one of the school values of Reverence, Respect, -Resilience and Relationships.

Singing Cup begins with auditions using hymns used in Mass August 7

Sacramental Group- 2 parent meetings – Eucharist- August 13 and 20.
First Eucharist- August 26@9.30am

Nicola met with Katrina van de Water – around the new bridging document- Aug 1
Leanne attending DRS meeting August 23- Mosgiel.

Lorraine begins leading staff in unpacking the Mass as part of the Annual plan- the Eucharist Community- August 10 3.30- 7.30pm.

June 2018
We are starting to look at this year's internal self review.
Self review of our special character is part of governance.
This is an overview explanation of how it works and the links are our present strategic work around this: Catholic School Self Review
This year there is a new format/intent for self review and for the external review which you can read here: Framework for Catholic School Review
We have chosen to review "Encountering Christ" - we will be engaging with the community, students and staff to find out how we're doing and bring the information back to the board for analysis and reflection.

Teaching Strand - Holy Spirit 
Professional Development- Holy Spirit Strand entry completed in a staff meeting- week 5
Parish and teachers attended a Twilight Meeting with Fr Chris Skinner - Liturgy and music 26/6
Teachers are being  observed teaching RE in Weeks 9-10 and given feedback and next steps.

Lorraine, Leanne and Nicola attended Catholic Convention and were able to listen to keynote speakers about the issues facing Catholic Education and workshops that covered a range of topics relevant to the Church and Catholic Education. 
Confirmation programme - 11 candidates from St Joseph's and 3 parishioners including one adult. Confirmation Mass - 24 August.
Adrienne and Mark ran two parent meetings  and Nicola held two sessions for candidates along with a practice with Fr Wayne and Bishop Michael.
Bishop Michael viewed classes and met with Lorraine 22/6

Welcome Mass and Multicultural performance following Mass July 1. 

 May 2018
Teaching programme- Week 1 of Term 2- Traditional and Devotional Prayer module
- Week 2-7 Jesus Strand
Prayer Ketes-
Ketes have been given to each teacher for each student along with a candle.
Students will make a prayer kete and add meaningful /sacred items and prayer each year.
They will then be presented with their Kete at the end of Year 8 to carry their faith journey with them
into the future.
Staff Taonga - Week 1 Jesus Strand entry meeting led by Leanne Brookes.
Special Character Meeting May 15.

March 2018

- Put the SC meetings until week 11 - need to do some background work ourselves and ready to unpack the mass in term 2.
- Reconciliation - well attended and excellent participation - depth of faith in the group.  
- Convention - bookings to go straight back on Friday.  
- DRS meeting Mosgiel - Thursday 8th March
- Bishop’s Forum - we won’t go this time due to ERO
- Ordered the prayer kete’s, $1 a bag - to decorate/customise for each child - saint, prayer mat, cross, candle and some rosary beads.
- Communion of Saints - beginning of the year - choices you make affect others - saints, connected, saintly qualities and what we can do to be inspired by saints. Look for ways of
including how our school's cultures celebrate saints and feast days.
Term 1 2018

Week 1-2 School Dominican Charism and our Values.

Week 3-7 Communion of Saints Strand taught in each classroom which links to our Social Sciences Inquiry for 2018 Overall Plan -Being a Eucharistic Community.
An outcome from the unit are creating prayer kete that will be individualised and hold meaningful sacred items. These will be added to each year , prayed with, and ketes will be presented to take home at the end of Year 8.

Week 8 Caritas Lenten Programme Lent in Schools

The theme for Lent 2018 is inspired by a quote from Suzanne Aubert:‘Let us go together’. We are personally called to go on a journey - with each other and with God. In the course of the journey we are changed and we change the world around us.
Let us go together: Journeying to peace and hope in Timor-Leste is the title of the unit which features stories from communities in Timor-Leste that highlight both challenges and transformation. Key themes include peace, reconciliation, overcoming poverty and empowering women.
The unit will culminate with a Caritas Challenge with activities to help solidarity with people living in poverty.
Liturgical Year lessons- Ash Wednesday, Lent, Holy week and liturgies,  Easter.

Display for foyer is rostered this year amongst classrooms around the strands and changes halfway through each term.

Sacramental Programme-Reconciliation-
2 parent meetings facilitated by Adrienne and Mark Wylie
2 lessons during school time and a practice in preparation.

Lorraine, Nicola and Leanne attended Principal DRS meeting March 8-
Catholic Review- updated
New bridging document for RE curriculum.
  • Catholic Special Character Review for Development
Āhuatanga Katorika Kaupapa Arotake Me Te Ahu Wahakamua
Draft as at 5 October 2017   2017 Edition.  New Zealand Catholic Education Office Limited

  • The Religious Education Bridging Document for Catholic Schools
Teaching Year 1 – 8 Children in Aotearoa New Zealand

Agenda February 2018
Special Character external review is happening in September this year - there is a new review process and we are having some pd on this in the next few weeks. 
Catholic Convention this year - 3 staff to go and Fr Wayne.
Bridging curriculum document has now been approved by Bishops - also training on this in the next few weeks.
Bishop's forum is on Thursday of the ERO week.
Induction meeting 20th February
Reconciliation and parish BBQ weekend of 10-11 March.
World prayer day - what is our involvement? - 2 March

Special Character Report February 2018
Staff accreditation is up to date.
Commissioning mass is planned for week 2 - we are having it at the Basilica.
DRS (LB) has made guidelines for teachers responsible for weekly mass preparation.
Families have been contacted regarding the 2018 sacramental program and the commitment mass is on Sunday of week 3.
Teachers have been alerted to the St Joseph's curriculum guidelines on setting up classrooms and prayer foci for special character.

December 2017

- arrangements for end of year prize-giving and nativity pageant mass - aim to get whole community together.
- DRSs and principal planning learning for 2018 around special character plans
- sacrament dates set for 2018
- teaching about Advent and Christmas

October 2017


  •       End of year prize-giving - some ideas for consideration (including nativity pageant) - some adjustments were made in order to involve more of the children in the end of year mass.
  •       Welcome mass - Sunday 19th November
  •       Induction evening - will be in mid term 1
  •       Date for year 8 leavers Mass - there will be mass just for year 8s as candles will be presented at the end of year mass
  •       Sacramental program dates for 2018 - these were discussed and will be finalised at the next meeting - Fr Wayne is to liaise with the Bishop regarding a date for Confirmation.
  •       When school families on offertory and altar serving don't turn up? - a parishioner will ring families the day before to check if they are going to be there - if not, someone else will stand in at the time.  
  •       Fundraising and school sports on Sundays (this has come up from various avenues and needs to begin to be addressed) - this was discussed and a further meeting was made for 14 November 3pm in order to continue discussing.  This is not presently on the board agenda for discussion.
  •      Leanne and Tua -Christmas pageant  - this will be part of the end of year mass.

SC Report - October - December 2017 
Week 1- revision of Prayer modules.
Week 2-6 Communion of Saints strand.
Liturgical Year lessons- All Saints and All Souls Day, Advent and Christmas.
Staff meetings- Communion of Saints  strand entry meeting and prayer in relation to Reverence. (Leanne and Nicola leading in Week 3).
School value focus- Reverence 

Special Character / RE Report October 2017

September 2017

Special Character Term 3 2017

Strands taught this term:-

Traditional and Devotional Prayer

God Strand  and Church Strand.

Caritas Social Justice lessons 11-15 September

All teachers attending the Gathering with workshops and a keynote speaker. Teacher only day September 22.

24 September -St Vincent DePaul 150 years-. St Joseph's Dominican Choir singing - Jocelyn finding out which children will come.
Lorraine will email parents of Young Vinnies - to invite them - to find out numbers for morning tea.

2 staff meetings around God Strand and Church Strand.

Lorraine was on the special character review team for St Gerard's Alexandra.

DRS appointment

Prayer partner morning tea.

10 families from the Sacramental program are continuing on the offertory roster.

Baptism letters - some interest.

Strategic Planning Meeting - 4.00 - 6.30pm

August 2017

First Communion preparations are well underway.
Teachers all have jobs for the First Communion

Feast of the Assumption - Back to Thursday mass.
Teaching the God strand at the moment.
The Gathering - 22nd September  school closed.
Baptisms - letter out to St Joseph's and St Kevin's families who might want Baptism.  Two meetings.
Agreed Reconciliation will be in term 1 of the new year.  Baptism in Term 4.  We will make a year plan for 2018.

June 2017

Lorraine - presented St Joseph’s pedagogy for RE big picture - well received by teachers who attended at Dunedin twilight meeting..
Nicola attended DRS meeting June 15 in Mosgiel- covered teacher  appraisals and certification

Parent meeting for Confirmation-big thank you to Adrienne and Mark
Nicola- last Confirmation session today for students involved
Reconciliation after Mass tomorrow June 22
Confirmation practice with Fr Wayne 9.50am - Wednesday June 28
Practice with Bishop Colin Friday June 30 at 1.40pm
Confirmation Mass- July 1 at 9.30am with cup of tea afterwards in the Dean O'Reilly lounge.

 First Holy Communion- Parent meetings July 31 and August 14 @7pm.
First Holy Communion Mass- August 20 at 9.30
Holy Spirit strand has been completed and assessed (answers will be moderated early next term)
Sacrament strand started
Whanau groups enjoyed shared learning after Mass June 15.

Daniella- writing names in calligraphy and will be asked to attach ribbons

Jocelyn- organising cup of tea afterwards for both Saturday and Sunday groups ?

Nicola to organise Special Character leaders- prayers of the Faithful and as greeters on Sunday in uniform

Procession of the gifts- readers that are rostered.


Send list of names to Leanne for powerpoint.



Holy Spirit strand completed and assessed (answers will be moderated early next term)

Sacrament started

Whanau groups enjoyed sharing learning

Nicola to email to ask Katrina- regarding Papakaio for Bushy school set up- Adrienne to coordinate.

Email parents- Cup of tea in Dean O'Reilly bring a plate.

May 2017

Holy Spirit strand has started in the classrooms using the St Josephs' key ideas

1.    The Holy Spirit acts in people and in the Church

2.    The Holy Spirit appears in Bible stories

3.    The Holy Spirit is the third person the Trinity
4.    We have images of the Holy Spirit but these are not the Holy Spirit
May 10 Holy Spirit entry staff meeting was led by Lorraine 
June 1 Twilight - Dunedin - Lorraine presenting RE pedagogy in using the key ideas across the school to assess and track achievement using Solo Taxonomy
May 29 Parent meeting for Confirmation
Student confirmation sessions will begin on Wednesdays with Nicola beginning May 21.
July 1 Confirmation 5-6pm
July 7 Mufti Mania - Caritas donations 
Some feedback on Dominican Conference
Leanne Brookes and myself (LFR) attended the Dominican Conference in Melbourne last week. Leanne was funded by our BOT and I was funded by the Dominican Sisters.  We are both very grateful for the opportunity to attend this.  Leanne will write a report for the next board meeting.

In brief I recorded some statements that I think are the essence of the main ideas I took from the conference.  The keynote speaker was Timothy Radcliffe OP, the ex-master of the Dominican Order.  He was highly inspiring.  

Key Statements from the Conference:

Through teaching the young to love truth in all its forms - science, the arts, religious education, maths etc - each with its own truth -  they grow to love the One who is Truth.

Vatican I declared a belief in reason.  We must teach children to reason and to think and not take dumbed down answers.  Our media-rich society retreats from complexity and reason.

Unveil to our students how good and beautiful human beings are - to see the core of their being as they are seen in God’s eyes.

If we love our subject, and in our case as primary teachers, our subject is everything, we share that love so that our students can see the beauty of our God-given world.

Jesus said: “You call me teacher and so I am...and I call you friends.”

Education is grounded in conversation - friends look at things together.

When we look at and open ourselves to things that are other, we are transformed.  Education transforms.

To love the truth is to love difference - to engage with those with whom we disagree.
Catholic understanding is about diversity and disagreement.  Four Gospels which disagree with each other in some ways and yet hold the same eternal Truth. 

Are we reluctant to share how radical our faith is?  Or is our Gospel a dumbed down Gospel, a comfort system?  The radical message of our faith is to love unconditionally.

An average American teenager will have seen about 200,000 acts of violence and 16,000 murders through TV/film/media.  At the heart of Christianity is the rejection of violence in all its forms.

Have the courage to step into the children, or young person’s world.  Even when you disagree with them, what part of their conviction can you delight in?

Deep listening - requires patience, and patience implies suffering.  We’ve nothing to say until we’ve listened.  

Do whatever good thing it is given to you to do each day.  God has prepared for you.  Do not depend on the hope of results - your work may be worthless in terms of results.  Do the thing for the sake of rightness, value and truth. (Robert Merton)

Whose truth is not heard in our school?

March 2017

Sacramental Program - Adrienne, Mark and Jocelyn do the parent program.  June 26 confirmation.  Monday 29 May, Monday 12 June for parents.  Organise teaching time for Nicola.  Adrienne to send through a copy of children being confirmed.

St Joseph's Special Character Attestation Report
Proprietor's Report

Welcome Mass - Nicola has given out readings to the readers for the mass.  Jocelyn will take them for a practice.  Letter home to confirm the children will be at the mass.  Adrienne procession of gifts.
List of families to Jocelyn to follow up.
Dominican Choir - no uniform
Head students - uniform
Servers on roster
Cup tea run by the parish.
Check Leanne - readers know the roster has changed
Reconciliation - Fr Wayne will follow up to change the date for Reconciliation

Special Character Compliance Report

24 year 7's and 18 year 8's - went to Young Vinnies over the last fortnight.

Special Character Report 

This month teachers have continued to teach the Jesus Strand with a Whanau sharing time being heldApril 6.
As part of the Liturgical Year -Lessons around Lent were taught in classrooms.
Towards the end of term a Holy Week programme will be carried out alongside Holy Week lessons in classrooms. This will begin with Juniors who will present Palm Sunday on the Thursday before Holy Week . Ann will organise Washing of the Feet/Last Supper for Wednesday with a group of students from Yr 5&6 and the week will end with walking the Stations of the cross organised by Yr 8 students.
The school have begun teaching units based on the Caritas Lenten programme- Water: Climate Change in the Pacific where Pacific communities are experiencing  related climate change challenges.
As a conclusion students will participate in the Caritas Challenge April 4 which will have activities organised and run by Yr 8 students in letting children sample life experiences in solidarity with those in need.
 Nicola Winders 


Propertor's Report - Adrienne Wylie

February 2017

Planning for Induction meetings and welcome masses is underway

Head boy and girl special character have been appointed - they are Molly Whittaker and Joshua Criddle.

We had a shared commissioning mass with St Kevin's on Friday 10th February.

We have planned for the Jesus strand.

Our first focus has been on the Dominican charism and introducing prayer.

Induction Plan 2017

November 2016

Visit to Dunedin - will share info at board meeting - statement from Tony Hanning below:

Catholic Schooling in Oamaru and the Waitaki
A recent meeting at the Catholic Pastoral Centre, Dunedin, requested by the parish priest of Oamaru, Fr Wayne Healey, led to clarification of the Bishop’s policy for the future development in the area, and should put to rest some of the rumour and speculation about the shifting of St Joseph’s Parish Primary School from the present site opposite St Patrick’s Basilica to St Kevin’s College. While a proposal for such a shift had been presented to the Bishop about two years ago, the Bishop, after due consideration, has made it clear that he sees no compelling reason to shift St Joseph’s School from its present site. It remains diocesan policy, that as far as it is possible to do so, parish primary schools will be sited in close proximity to the parish church. The church is the focal point of Catholic community life. The school is ancillary to it.
Bishop Kavanagh established a clear policy at the time of Integration, and it has been endorsed and affirmed by Bishop Len Boyle and Bishop Colin Campbell, in turn.  They have been strong in the belief that: “The parish church is intended to have a lifelong place in the lives of children attending the school. The Catholic school, experienced as part of the total parish environment, should provide pupils with a sense of stability and a feeling of belonging.  By their involvement in the Catholic parish school, pupils should be enabled to establish a lasting relationship with a particular environment.”
Such a policy remains central to our approach to school development in the diocese.

Cooperation between St Joseph’s School and St Kevin’s College is strong, and to be encouraged, as part of the concept of seamless Catholic education. Oamaru, and the Waitaki District, are well-served by having two such strong, faith-based schools available for families.

Reconciliation mass - children were interested to see that adults went too.  Lots went - 45 minutes of Reconciliation with 3 priests.  3 children didn't make it - one already booked in and the others will be followed up.  Parent meetings in advance were useful because the children knew about it once the lessons started - conversations had been had.  We had to have 6 meetings available in order to cover the 2 required.  Thanks Suzie, Mark, Jocelyn and Adrienne.
roster families for procession of gifts - start with sacramental program people - Adrienne will start.
Preference and Open places - Lorraine will contact Tony Hanning
Induction - part of addressing above
Proprietor's Rep - Jan Plieger
I am the vine, you are the branches - keep this model in the forefront
Young Vinnies visit - Week 9 - fish and chip lunch at op shop with drivers and supporters at 12, start assembly earlier to acknowledge this.  Mark Curry St Vincent de Paul Youth Coordinator for region is coming up.

Year 5s to help with moving float - on Thursday after mass.

October 2016

Prayer partner morning tea was very successful.
Enrolment mass happened on the first Sunday of term, followed by a morning tea. - invite parents to be part of procession of gifts in term 1.
Suzie Jorgensen has offered to do follow up meetings if required.
The Mercy retreat was well attended.
Induction program - inviting new families into the parish - further plans and discussion to happen over the next few weeks.

September 2016

·         Minutes of previous meeting read and confirmed.
·         Report from Young Vinnies – involved in church cleaning, Meals on Wheels and Making Wheat Bags
·         Prayer partner morning tea next Wednesday 21/9 Children to join their prayer partners.
·         Parish retreat Saturday September 24.

August 2016

1.  Good News and the News - Share a copy with the Board.  This is a broadsheet published by The NZ Catholic Education Office of good practice in integrated schools.
2. Sacramental Programme - 1st Eucharist celebration.  Rosemary Wylie will host in the kitchen and arrange for parent help.
3. Jocelyn to liaise with Leanne regarding songs for the celebration.
4. Prayer partners' morning tea - Check with Ann for a suitable time.
5. Passing the 'Mantle' - Succession planning.
6. Baptism meeting 29th August.  Some candidates known.  Check with Fr Wayne for any others to approach.
7. Paula to advertise.
8.  Induction meeting (part of enrollment procedure) - September 19th.  More detailed plan for Lorraine to proceed with in term 4.
9. Report on Young Vinnies.

June 2016

1. Confirmation went well. In the future we need to attend to families that don't attend St Joseph's and ensure that there is consistency of practice. Parents join in with parent preparation sessions and children do as well.
2. Draft plan for future Induction Meetings.
3. We would like to co opt the DRS onto the Special Character committee from Term 4 or Term 1 2017.
4. We discussed preparing procedures to include with our special character policy for the following as part of our Parish a. Sacramental b. Baptism c. Welcome - Come and See Jn 1:39 meetings d. Young Vinnie e. Parish Liaison f. Altar Serving

Special Character Report to the B.O.T.– June 2016

 Liturgical Happenings

  •          At present we are all working on ‘The Church Strand’.
  •         On Sunday 12th June 21 of our young children received the Sacrament of Confirmation. Bishop Colin performed the ceremony for us. We shared morning tea in the hall with our families, prayer partners and parishioners. Special thanks to Mrs Rose Wylie - Taukolo and her helpers for co-ordinating the morning tea.
Professional Development
  •        Siobhan Burke and Ann Dooley attended a DRS conference in Dunedin on Monday 13th June. This is led by Monica Brown. It’s focus was on ‘A Heart’s Journey, A Sacred Journey’. As well as being able to attend these conferences for our own spiritual growth it is great to meet up with  other DRS’s in the Otago and Southland regions and discuss what is happening in their schools.

 Future Happenings

  •      At present we are preparing a special ‘Thanksgiving Mass’ for Jenny Jackson on Friday 1st July.
  •     Children who received the Sacrament of Confirmation will begin preparations to receive the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist at the beginning of Term 3. First Communion is on Sunday 21st August. Parents are supported by Mark and Adrienne Wylie with two parent meeting prior to First Communion.

Ann Dooley (CO/D.R.S.)
Director Religious Education
St. Joseph’s School

Catholic Character Meeting 18th May Apology AD

1. Catholic School Day Mass went very well and worth having a mass like this in the basilica again.
2. Baptism meeting, families will be followed up.
3. Confirmation meetings - 21 candidates for Confirmation.
4. Prayer partner morning tea went very well. Many of the parishioners want to come to the preparation meetings. Building community - gives the parents and parishioners links in.
5. Initiation of parents in the school to experience a mass. It is very hard for the children when they haven't been to a mass. Have termly induction meetings, procedures in place before JJ leaves.
6. Termly Induction sessions at the beginning of each term. Enrolment meetings - we need to draw their attention - flyer with itinerary. This is for all families, even if they already have siblings at school.
7. Link to video of Steven Bevan speaking at Holy Cross. Highly recommended by Sr Jan Olgivy.

Special Character Report to the B.O.T.– May 2016

Liturgical Happenings

  • On Tuesday 3rd May we had a visit from Father Chris Skinnner.  Father Skinner writes and sings his own songs. He spent some time with our Dominican choir during their Tuesday 8.30 – 8.55am practice. Then he spent some time with us at an early Koutuitui at 11am.

  • Professional Development
  • Siobhan Burke and Ann Dooley will be attending a DRS conference in Dunedin on Monday 13th June. This is led by Monica Brown who is

 Future Happenings

  • In Term 2 parents and children will begin their preparation lessons in weeks 5 and 6 to receive the ‘Sacrament of Confirmation’. The children will have a practice with Bishop Colin on Friday 10th  TBC. Bishop Colin will confirm the children on Sunday 12th June at 9.30am Mass. Parents will be attending two Parent Meetings to help them prepare their children.

Ann Dooley (D.R.S.)
Director Religious Education
St. Joseph’s School

Agenda for next meeting:March 23rd

Annual attestation for the dioceseProprietors report

Baptism meeting preparation 22nd March
Suggested videos:Catholic Baptism in 60 seconds, Loyola Press. We don't want it to be too heavy.
JJ to prepare a slideshow of school baptisms & a video
JJ to visit classes during morning prayers to ask children if they are interested, show of hands and take note
Draft plan for meeting 6:30 start. Introductions and Joy Cowley prayer
Share reasons for baptism for themselves and their children : Adrienne
Reason for why we are here together. Adrienne
Difference between being baptised and not being baptised: Jocelyn
What does it look like to be a baptised , what will it mean for me in our life ? Turn and share
Sacraments are signs, making a conscience decision to join the Catholic Christian community becomes an outward sign to journey with Christ and become more Christlike
Light touch on the symbols - water cleansing, life giving, anointing
Have a prayer table and some reflective music, water and oil, white stole
Quote Jocelyn about taking the plunge
Final reflection Adrienne - available to have a cup of tea and talk with us after the meeting, the next meeting will be on and will involve...preparation towards baptism..someone to support them if needed
If already baptised and want to become Catholic - Profession of Faith

(Catholic Early Childhood Curriculum: Anne Kennedy, Susan Apathy, Jubilee Early Childhood Centre Hamilton Lisa Vedder)

Catholic role models visible for the children

Young Vinnies: 28 Year 8's Gave 9/10 for visit experiences. New youth coordinator in Dunedin and Jocelyn will liaise with him.

15th May - Pentecost Celebrations and Dominican celebrations

Special Character Meeting 10th February 2016

Present:  Jenny, Ann, Adrienne, Jocelyn, Fr Wayne
1. Review Catholic Character goals for strategic and annual plan.
2. Baptism follow up: There are several You Tube videos online. Special invitation after Easter - 5th April
3. Induction meeting outcomes - Going very well,invite Jocelyn as support in the future. 
4. Bookmarks given out end of year mass and Christmas masses - All good.
5. Week 6  Term 1 Young Vinnies - Extend service role, Thursday Yr 7 & 8
6. June 12th Confirmation, August 21st First Communion

Special Character Report to the B.O.T.– February 2016

 Liturgical Happenings

  • Our new Catholic Cultural Leaders, Rhea Ratgali, Michael Misiloi and Jack Cameron lead the school in prayer during our Special Liturgy to start the New School Year on Monday 1st February.
  •  Our Year 8 leaders were also given their Leadership badges after our first school Mass on Thursday 4th February.
  • In Week 1 our Religious Education focused on the Charism of our School ‘Jesus, The Reason We Are Here’. We focused on some of the Jesus stories with the children.
  • In Week 2 we began preparing ourselves for the Lenten Season. On Ash Wednesday Years 5 – 8 attended the Parish Mass and Year 4 lead the Junior School Hubs with a special Liturgy in the hall after the Mass with Father Wayne..
  • In Week 3 we will begin ‘The Jesus Strand’.
  • We will continue with our weekly Mass each Thursday at 9.15am in the Basilica.
  • Some BOT members joined the staff on a Teacher Only Day for a special retreat on Prayer led by Katrina van de Water.
Professional Development

  • Many of the Staff are continuing with Religious Studies for their personal development. Several of our Staff have already attended a course in the second last week of the holidays.

 Future Happenings

  • Staff and children will attend the ‘Teachers Commissioning Mass’ at SKC on Wednesday 17th February at 1.10pm. This is the first time we have shared this special Mass with our children.

Ann Dooley (D.R.S.)
Director Religious Education

St. Joseph’s School

Special Character Meeting 2nd December 2015

Present: Jenny, Ann, Adrienne, Jocelyn, Fr Wayne

1. Term 1 action baptism programme. Let's look at our preference children interested in baptism and the parents who have shown interest  through the sacramental programmes. Talk to Katrina to be part of  or advise Term 1 programme for adult programme as well. Open to welcoming prayer partners and parishioners to meetings.
2. Going to do a 'Sent by Christ' series to follow on from the 'Joy of Christ' to coincide with Year of Mercy. Musicians coming in 2016 Monica Brown (June), Chris Skinner and Michael Mangan. Each year invite special guests to enrich the diocese. Brendan Spillane leading open sessions in the diocese. Diocese is looking at appointing a coordinator for Caritas and Justice and Peace.
3. Look at our own refugees in our own parish. Prayer partner system is supporting this. They are coming to the sacramental meetings and growing community.
3. Reconciliation for seniors. Fr Wayne will get back to Ann. End of Year mass a book mark for families with a magnet 
4. Twenty three Young Vinnies have a fish and chip lunch to say thank you. Jocelyn reflected with the group for next year. St Vincent de Paul offering a leadership camp in Dunedin.

Special Character Report to the B.O.T.– December 2015

 Liturgical Happenings
·        18 of our children received ‘The Sacrament of Reconciliation’ on Sunday 29th November, the First Sunday of Advent. We also had Sebastian Whiston receive the “Sacrament of Holy Communion’ for the first time on Sunday. Sebastian has just recently been baptized into the Church. We fully welcome Sebastian, congratulate and support him on his Journey of Faith. We are all so very proud of him.
·        We are currently working on our Advent/Christmas lessons in Religious Education. We are also looking at the stories behind the Jesse Tree. Further information on the Jesse Tree can be found on the Special Character page and the DRS blog.

Professional Development

·        Staff are already looking at Courses for 2016. Many of us will be doing the ‘Maori Spirituality Course’ later in the year.

Future Happenings
·        Junior Hubs 1 and 2 are preparing to present the Christmas story at our weekly Mass on Thursday 10th December.

Ann Dooley (D.R.S.)
CO/Director Religious Education

St. Joseph’s School

Special Character meeting 21st October 2015

Present: Ann, Adrienne , Adrienne
Apology: Fr Wayne

1. Faith refreshers: Pleasing attendance from our school families and board members. Jocelyn and Jan have done a great job promoting these. Katrina willing to run a session with our families in 2016. We could connect this to our baptism programme  and new family induction programme.

2. The Sacramental programme has been advertised to the wider community.

3. Special Character review commendation letter from Sir Brother Pat Lynch, NZ Catholic Education Office.

5. Enrolment mass Sunday 1st November at 9:30

Special Character Report to the B.O.T.– October 2015

Liturgical Happenings

·        In Week 1 our prayers focused on ‘The Holy Rosary’. We are sharing some of the Rosary prayers at Koutuitui for families and World Peace during the month of October.
·        We are currently working on the ‘Communion of Strand’. References to the ‘Family-Whanau Book’ are made on the Special Character Page and on the DRS blog. These provide some ideas for the parents to help support them during the Strand we are currently focusing on.
·        Many of our children will be preparing to receive the ‘Sacrament of Reconciliation’. Prayer partners are being organized for these children.
·        Mrs Siobhan Burke planned a special liturgy for ‘Pet Day’, Friday 16th October, to thank God for the beautiful pets He has given us.

Professional Development

·        Some of the staff have attended the ‘Faith Refresher’ courses at SKC in week 2.
·        The teachers have completed their ‘Understanding Sacrament’ course with excellent results.

Future Happenings

·        Enrolment Sunday for Reconciliation is 1st November. The children will receive the ‘Sacrament of Reconciliation’ on the first Sunday of Advent, 29th November. Parent sessions will commence shortly.

Ann Dooley (D.R.S.)
CO/Director Religious Education
St. Joseph’s School

Special Character meeting

1. Jenny attended the NZCPA executive meeting to step in for Dunedin Diocese president. They are reviewing their strategic goals and Jenny is encouraging the Dunedin Principal's association to do the same.

2. Faith refreshers coming to Oamaru. We would like to encourage our parents to attend Catholic Essentials and Celebrating Sacraments. Invite the board, home and school to attend and go as a St Joseph's group for support. Teachers can attend for accreditation hours. We can promote this in our newsblog and send letters out for parents.

3. Saturday 31st October, conclusion of synod leadership day.

4. Board and staff retreat being organised with Katrina REA for Term 1 2016. Fr Wayne suggested 7am-1pm. We will look at the options.

5. Sacramental Programme. Dates for Confirmation 2016 are almost confirmed. Reconciliation Term 4 29th November. Meetings Monday 9th November, 23rd November and mass of enrolment 1st November. List of Year 3 children and anyone else who needs it and Adrienne will write to parents. 

6. Baptismal programme suggestions. Expression of interest letter to go out to our families.

7. Special Character review to be discussed at the board meeting.

8. Jenny and Adrienne to speak at the Filipino mass about the Catholic school and about the sacramental programme.

Special Character Report to the B.O.T.– September 2015

 Liturgical Happenings
  • Welcoming CERO in Week 9.
  • Pope Francis has dedicated 1st September annually to celebrate ‘World Day of Prayer’. This year it was for the ‘Care of Creation’. We celebrated this at Koutuitui with a beautiful Liturgy.
  • We are currently working on the ‘God’ Strand. References to the ‘Family-Whanau Book’ are made on the Special Character Page and on the DRS blog. These provide some ideas for the parents to help support them during the Strand we are currently focusing on.
  • We will be having ‘Whanau’ groups on  Wednesday to share what we have learnt. CERO will be joining us at this time.
  • 21 of our children received the ‘Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist’ on Sunday 16th August. It was a beautiful day. We shared a lovely morning tea with our families, prayer partners and other parishioners.
  • We will be focusing on ‘Family Ups and Downs’ next week as part of our Religious Education programme in Week 10. This is the focus of  Caritas’ ‘Social Justice Week.’
  • Many thanks to Mrs Siobhan Burke for her work on the 4 R’s displays in the Junior School.
  • Thank you to John Dooley for the beautiful Oamaru Stone Cross in the entrance foyer of the school.
 Professional Development
  • Some of the Staff are currently working on the ‘Understanding Sacrament’ course.
  • Megan Day and Christina Grey will be attending ‘Teachers New to Catholic Schools’ course in Dunedin  on Monday 21st September.

 Future Happenings

  • Children from Year 3, and several others who have been baptized during the year, will be preparing to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation in Term 4. Parent meetings will also begin in Term 4 as well.

Ann Dooley (D.R.S.)

 Liturgical Happenings

  • Children’s behavior at the weekly Masses is to be commended. Thank you to Mrs Brookes for the way the Dominican Choir lead us in song. Mass powerpoints are a credit to all teachers.
  • We are currently working on the ‘Sacrament’ Strand
  • 21 of our children are preparing to receive the ‘Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist’ on Sunday 16th August.
  • The First Communion Children shared a lovely morning tea on Wednesday 6th August with their Prayer Partners to say Thank You for supporting them on their journey of faith. We think this is such a lovely way of involving our Catholic Community in our Religious Education programme.
  • Parents of the children receiving the ‘Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist’ have attended two meetings with Adrienne and Mark Wylie to help prepare them in supporting their children on their journey of faith.
  • Catholic Character leaders present and discuss the weekly Gospel at Koutuitui.
Professional Development

  • Staff completed their ‘Understanding Church’ Professional Development course with excellent results.  Some are now doing the ‘Understanding Sacrament’ course.
  • REA team shared a Twilight meeting on Thursday 30th July on ‘All Saint and All Souls’.

 Future Happenings

  • Week 9 is Social Justice week and it focuses on  ‘Family Ups and Downs’.  We will be teaching this as part of our Religious Education programme.
  • The Catholic Education Review Office will be visiting our school in Week 9.

Ann Dooley (D.R.S.)
Director Religious Education
St. Joseph’s School

It isn’t how much we do, but how much love we put into what we do that really counts. This is because our actions are focused on God.


Special Character Meeting 5th August

Present: A Dooley, A Wylie, JJackson
Apology: J Marsh, Fr Wayne Healey

1. Prayer partner morning tea at school today. They continue this role throughout the whole programme. See link to newsblog.

2. Jenny to attend the NZCPA executive meeting early September to step in for Dunedin Diocese president.

3. Parent meetings commenced for eucharist. There has been 100% participation from parents. Positive feedback and change in parents. Possibility for another parent group to develop after the sacramental programme for interested non Catholic parents.
4. Called by Christ groups have about 100 parishioners. 
5. Fr Wayne and Jenny commenced family visits.
6. Catholic community review focused on evangelisation to be shared with board and parish. Here is a link to the document.
7. Adrienne to complete annual report. 
8. First Communion on 16th August. Adrienne will attend practice. Ann will organise liturgy.
9. Jenny to share some feedback from Special Character Review visit to Invercargill.

Special Character Meeting 24th June

Present: Ann, Fr Wayne, Jocelyn (co opt) Jenny Apology: Adrienne
1.Confirmation went well. Prayer partners went well.  
2. Catholic Convention attended by Fr Wayne, Jenny, Ann and Siobhan. Great to mix with other teachers from Catholic schools. Excellent learning.Well received presentation by Lorraine and Jenny.
3. Communion parent meetings are planned for early Term 3.
4. Filipino Mass for next term. Need to talk with regards to sacramental programme participation and involvement in school programme.
5. Prayer partner morning tea to say thanks at the end of Term 3.
6. Joy of the gospel parish reflection groups. We will try involve school families as much as possible. Jocelyn to shoulder tap to join.
7. Fr Wayne and Jenny to commence visits to school families next week. Jenny to prepare a flyer to leave with families.
8. Amy Armstrong the new pastoral leader for the diocese will visit Fr Wayne and Jenny. They are looking at emulating the parish liaison model in other parishes

Special Character Report to the B.O.T.– May 2015

 Liturgical Happenings

  • We are currently working on the ‘Holy Spirit’ Strand
  • The whole school attended a very beautiful Liturgy on 24th April to commemorate ANZAC Day. Our senior children lead us in prayer with Mr. Paul Cartlidge and his class sharing a very special and moving commemoration to remember those who fought and died in the wars.
  • About 29 children will soon begin their preparation to receive the ‘Sacrament of Confirmation’ on Sunday 31st May.

Professional Development

  • Many of the Staff are continuing with Religious Studies for their personal development. The focus is on ‘Understanding Church’.
  • Siobhan Burke, Ann Dooley and Jenny Jackson along with Father Wayne will be attending ‘The Catholic Convention’ in June.

 Future Happenings

  • This term parents and children will be preparing for the ‘Sacrament of Confirmation’. Parents will be attending two Parent Meetings, Monday 11th and Monday 18th May to help them prepare their children. Another afternoon meeting will be made available for parents unable to attend the evening meetings. These are lead by Mark and Adrienne Wylie.
 Ann Dooley (D.R.S.)
Director Religious Education
St. Joseph’s School

Report from 6th May

  1. Confirmation meetings now 11th & 18th May (Ann will open up for Adrienne) at 6.40pm.
  2. Adrienne will also hold a day time meeting to suit some parents at 2.00pm.
  3. Friday practice with Bishop on Friday 29th May at 1.00pm.
  4. Prayer partners: List to Jocelyn.
  5. Due to present report on Special Character, Jenny will present Lorraine's report from 2014.
  6. Jenny met with Tua and will take something out of Handbook for BOT, Principals and Staff for Catholic School (Catholic Character tasks) to discuss with BOT.

Special Character Report to the B.O.T.– March 2015

 Liturgical Happenings
  • Children from Years 5-8 attended Mass on Ash Wednesday. Totara led the Special Liturgy with Father Pat Mc Mullan for the Junior School where they received their Ashes to celebrate the beginning of the Lenten Season.
  • We have just completed ‘The Jesus Strand’ and have assessed this with the children.
  • We are currently on the events of ‘Holy Week’ leading up to Easter Sunday. Some classes will be focusing on the ‘Sorrowful Mysteries’, events that took place on Holy Thursday and Good Friday.
  • Junior Hubs presented ‘Palm Sunday’ at our weekly Mass last Thursday.
  • Senior Hubs will be presenting ‘The Stations of the Cross’ at 2.30pm on Holy Thursday.
  • Jenny Jackson, Tua Misiloi and Ann Dooley attended the ‘Bishops Forum’ in Dunedin on Thursday 5th March. This was the first time that both Primary and Secondary Schools DRS, Principals and BOT Chairperson attended. Very organized and great to mix with other people working in Catholic Schools.
Professional Development
  • Many of the Staff are continuing with Religious Studies for their personal development. The focus is on ‘The Church’.
  • Siobhan Burke, Ann Dooley and Jenny Jackson along with Father Wayne will be attending ‘The Catholic Convention’ in June.

     Future Happenings

  • In Term 2 parents and children will be preparing for the ‘Sacrament of Confirmation’. Parents will be attending two Parent Meetings to help them prepare their children.
  • Senior children have asked to have a mufti day and sausage sizzle to raise money for the people in Vanuatu. We will hold this on the first Friday of next term (instead of during Lent).

Ann Dooley (D.R.S.)
Director Religious Education
St. Joseph’s School

It isn’t how much we do, but how much love we put into what we do that really counts. This is because our actions are focused on God.


Report from March 24th 

1.  Jocelyn will talk to staff at Friday Forum
about Bishops Synod

  2.  Attestation Report: Now we have    employed a new staff member we are doing well with  our tagged positions.  There is an extra  enrolment day on Wednesday 29th April as  we have a few non-preference applications  as well.  May have a waiting list.

 3.  Annual Bishop’s Forum – St Joseph’s led  the beautiful liturgy at the beginning of the  forum.  First time it had combined Primary &  Secondary school principals, DRS, and  BOT.  A variety of speakers – well planned.   Great to mix and discuss issues with other  Catholic teachers.  (See copy of programme  – very full).

 4. Letter to parents for confirmation in Term  2.  Letters to parents to go out.  Confirmation date Sunday 31st May 2015.  Be aware this is a long weekend.   Dates for parents meetings 7pm Monday 4th & 18th May.

Report from 11 February 2015
  1. Reconciliation Mass on the first Sunday of Advent went very well.  A lovely community celebration.
  2. Jocelyn will be taking part in the Bishop's Synod on behalf of Jan for Term 1, 2015 and reporting back to us.
  3. Jenny has updated the annual plan.  Catholic Character part discussed.
  4. Jenny will commence gathering the data for the annual Catholic character attestation report and then liaise with Adrienne in readiness for the next board meeting.
  5. Teachers are doing scripture papers this year.  Jenny completed one in the school holidays and will do a second one in the July holidays as part of masters studies.
  6. Special Character Review due this year.  Jenny will be taking part in a Special Character Review in August to a school in Invercargill.  (A chance for DRS to attend as well).
  7. Reviewed 'Terms of Reference' and yearly action sheet for 2015.
  8. Jenny, Tua and Ann will attend the Annual Bishop's Forum on the 5th March

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