September 2018
We have received a grant from "Foodstuffs" for $1380 towards rugby jerseys. We can now rekit all teams:

Accumulated Sports funds - board has authorised to use  $2,726.00 GST excl
Grant from Foodstuffs  $1,380.00 GST incls
Plus GST from Board money  $408.90
TOTAL  $4,514.90
Cost $60 per shirt
Number of shirts we can buy 75
Number of shirts from Foodstuffs  23
small set 1138.5 3415.5
Large set 1217 1217

March 2018
We did not receive any of the grants we applied for.

Sharni has taken the quotes and information and will look into further opportunities.

February 2018

Grants submitted
Sports equipment
Rugby Shirts
Musical Instruments
Sports Coordinator Wages
Community Trust

If unsuccessful will need to approach other sources

Grants that will be submitted
Student Ledership
Network Waitaki
Individual hardship applications to cover Education Outside the Classroom
Otago Community Trust

Wish List
More musical instruments – band equipment - $1500
Arduinos (electronic circuit boards for programming) - $1200
3D printer approx. $4000
Senior Playground $30,000

Potential Funders
Oamaru Club (arduinos)
Southern Community Trust (will try for wages for sports coordinator)
Lions (playground)

Pub Charity?

October 2017
Youthtown Grant:
Combined application

Musical Instruments = $2941.42
Sports equipment for sports clubs - balls, bibs, first aid kits = $9297.41
Replacement shirts for rugby team = 1357

Sports Coordinator Funding
2 options (but not very hopeful).  Apply for $6,000
Southern Trust & Community Trust

June 2017

Youthtown Grant:
Olivia working on quotes for sports uniforms and equipment
Leanne to requote musical equipment
Lorraine to seek quotes on robotic equipment
Lorraine - quotes on carpentry boxes and workbenches

Grant of $1400 received from Network Waitaki for costs of Young Leader's Day
$1500 received from the St Vincent de Paul to support families facing hardship

March 2017
The Home and School have agreed to fund for a carpentry shed - we could also approach Mitre 10 and/or Placemakers and local joiners to help set up.
The Home and School donated $1000 for playground sports equipment.
We would like to look into the senior playground. - Oamaru licensing trust
3D printer and robotic equipment - Youthtown - first term
Heaters for the hall we have raised $12k from the phonebooks cost is in vicinity of $20k - we can try the diocese for the remainder, failing that The Lions

November 2016

EOTC Youthtown grant did not go through - apply for toolshed for boys.
Library shelves have been ordered.
All outstanding money or fund-raising to be used to provide acoustic relief to classes - or try Lions
Look at Otago Community trust to buy ipads.

October 2016

Phone book money allocated to hall - check sound system (yes it has been done, electrical sorted and speakers presently in Auckland being fixed).
Spend phone book money on chairs?
Application for the library shelving (2) - Youthtown
Jackets for sports coaches- sponsored
Year 6 application for funding with Youthtown needs to be accepted and minuted by Board.  No provision has been made for an extra teacher on the trip ($1500).

May 2016
1. Application lodged to Network Waitaki for Young Leader's Day.
2. Application to Oamaru Licensing/Lions towards hall project. Sharni to source application forms. Approval sought from board to apply.
3. Goal posts installed. We need to acknowledge Youthtown through the Telegraph.

February 9th 2016
Phone Book
Paula to help with advertising. Board to cover some extra hours for this (North End,Weston - need at least 40 more). Deadline 24th Feb.
Contact Brackens re their quote.
Community Directory - Sonya to purchase a copy.
Volunteers for proofreading.
Return disc with letter as per instructions 10th September letter.
Artwork for front cover by 24th Feb.
Creative Communities Scheme - source for hall audio equipment or paint for art mural project.
Licensing Trust - hall seating, blinds, library shelving
Source other grants

Telephone - we met with Sonya from Oamaru Print and Copy
Phonebooks - Waiting to hear back about amendment to quote for additional services.
CAB - we will need to purchase booklet
JJ to contact ODT for a second quote
Grants - Youthtown grant successful for basketball hoops 
Report for October meeting

Phone book Meeting
Present: Sharni, Adrienne, Tua, Jenny
1. Phone book progress report
Grant Meeting
Present: Sharni & Jenny
1. Youthtown feedback
2. Hall plans and grant application to be approved to Otago Community Trust
3. Colin G. L. Jones application

Report for August
Present: S Cunningham, J Jackson
1. Quotes received for basketball hoops. Recommend proceed with grant application to Youthtown. Funds to be raised by raffle organised by Yr 7 students (to be drawn at the police station) and Wacky Hair day (organsied by School Council).
2. Plan a grant strategic action plan based on budget needs for 2016.
3. Friday 14th August, deadline for grant to the Tindall Foundation via the Catholic Diocese of Dunedin. Jan Plieger has sourced this for non- english speaking migrant children. Jenny to talk to this.
4. Paul Cartlidge applied for the Meridian Grant towards travel for the ski trip
5. Kitchen upgrade with Home & School - where are they at ? We could apply to Otago Community Trust/ Lions
Report for June
1. New quotes received for tablets. Discussed  trialling school i pads and chrome books for 2015 meetings. Then will look at leasing possibilities in 2016 budget.
2. Pursue costs and grant for basketball and netball hoops. Talk with caretaker and sports coordinator.
3. Received $1,150 from Network Waitaki towards Young Leader's Day. 
4. We will support Home and School with grant applications for upgrading hall kitchen to a community kitchen standard.

Report for 17th March

1.    First quote received for tablets – 12 tablets (including covers) $4029.16                       12 Ipads (including covers) $4145.88
     Sharni will ask for a quote for 7” tablets.

2.    2nd quote still to come.

3.    Move a resolution at the next board meeting to source a grant from Youthtown.

4.    We need to complete the Network Waitaki application for the National Young Leaders Day

Report for 11th February

  1. Numbers and costing for NYLD - Network Waitaki
  2. Tina's gathering information on cricket gear
  3. Sharni to source quote re tablets for board members - 12

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