Property / Health & Safety

December 2018
Our property maintenance plan still has not been finalised.  
The chipboard wall lining in one of the boys' toilets has rotted.  Bob will replace it over the holidays.
Outstanding: the east side exterior door to the hall has a rotting jamb.  It will need to be replaced.

Full EOTC health and safety audit has been undertaken.

September 2018
We are saving $500 a month for property maintenance.  We have not previously been actually putting money aside.  We have decided to invest the money each month (save then invest every 3-6 months) so that we have a property maintenance fund for the future when its needed e.g. a complete repaint of remaining buildings in 5-6 years.

Programmed Property Maintenance have looked over the school and will provide a report of basic maintenance in light of possible renovations.

It is likely this summer we will do a full building wash down and repaint some of the joinery on the hall south side which is starting to be exposed.  The money we have put aside this year should cover that.

August 2018

Our playground sinkhole seems to have stabalised and has not sunk for a few weeks now.
The gutters have been cleaned - this was the only maintenance item for 2018.

June 2018
Our playground sinkhole has still not stabalised.  We have kept the diocese informed.  At this stage it is a repairs and maintenance issue.  We have tested for water leaks and there is no major concern.
There is a second potential sinkhole close to the west end basketball hoop.
No safety matters to report.
During the Bishop's visit he told us we are second in line for renovations/renewal after Sacred Heart Waikiwi, which has started.

May 2018

  • Contacted Programmed Property Services to come and view the school with a view to making a long term plan for painting and general external cleaning.  
  • Also spoke with Bill Haydon.  He tells us he is working on the plan and wants PPS to get in touch with him once they have put their plan together.  He has been given an outline of which parts of the school we expect redeveloped and Bill will reinforce this with them.  Bill intends to include this in the 10YPP which, he says, he's writing.  That means we are not writing it.
  • Acting principal to keep the spotlight on this and communicate regarding ongoing progress as this is dragging on now.
  • The middle hub and hall area will be treated as a 10 year ongoing maintenance project with no plans for upgrades.
  • The junior school will also be treated as being here for the time being.
  • The senior school should be kept washed down annually, retouch any bare timber and keep tidy.

A sink hole appeared in the playground in the vicinity of stormwater drains.  It was photographed and sent to the diocese for information.  It has been fixed by our caretaker.  Bill Haydon was satisfied with this response.

March 2018
We have had a visit from Opus to review any capital work that needs maintenance or upgrading.  At this point there doesn't seem to be any communication between Opus and the Diocese regarding the substantial upgrades the Diocese has talked about.

Also when I asked about updating our 10Y maintenance plan I was told to wait until Opus had written their report.  I was under the impression Opus would also contribute to the 10YPP.  In my previous school Opus did the 10YPP for the school and I believed this was what was going to happen.  It appears it won't.

So we will have to update our 10YPP ourselves and need to get onto this.  

We are getting quotes to clean the guttering which is the only job listed for this year.

Health and Safety
Support staff police vets are all up to date
Teachers are all registered
Staff have been notified of accident book for children, accident logging for staff and what to do when accidents happen on EOTC.
Staff have been alerted to the Hazard Register and asked to read it.
By the board meeting there will have been a fire drill and a lock down drill.

December 2017
Fr Wayne - letter from St Kevin's Hostel Board
10 Year property plan update

Health and Safety
Student broken collar bone year 7 camp
Student conclusion year 6 EOTC - gap in reporting - information wasn't given to the principal - to be fixed for the future
Staff sprained ankle.

All documented - no fault, or further precautions needed.

October 2017
Property committee discussed proposed school development.  We are requesting a further meeting with Bill Hayden and hope he will come up and see us and other interested parties.  We are trying to find out who else should be involved in this.  Report will be emailed to board members as there as some potential sensitive areas.  FURTHER INFORMATION SINCE THIS TO BE SHARED IN COMMITTEE.

10YPP - Bill Hayden confirmed that Opus will do the 10YPP and he thinks it will be this year.   Once this is done we will contract local contractors to do the work as required.

Health and Safety - we have to purchase a sandpit cover.

Our shadesails were damaged in the winter storms.  They are being repaired.  The cost of repair is less than our insurance excess so no claim has been made.

We have cleared up some ambiguity over the Reed Street crossing.  Our teacher wasn't supervising it on the days when the year 8s were not available to do crossing duty (eg if they are at technology).  We have confirmed with the police that it is sufficient for the teacher to go our on her own if the road patrollers are not available.

The Home and School intend to sell juicies during the summer term it is confirmed that these are sugar free and therefore fit within our health promotion policy.

We have worked with the police to develop a lockdown policy and had a practice with police presence - it was very successful.  All children were out of sight and absolutely silent within 30 seconds and stayed that way for the duration of the drill.  Instructions are in each room and in the reliever's folders.  We have also had a practice of lockdown during lunchtime - also successful.

We hit the start of term hard on hats and I think for the first time ever the whole school is wearing hats.

Since our usual Mt Somer's guide is unable to guide this year due to a medical emergency, we have contracted Peel Forest Outdoor Pursuits Centre to guide us.  The cost is $1020 and will be offset against camp costs.

The year 6 EOTC week is all in order and after one or two details are finished, will be signed off by the principal.  It is a Type C activity:

September 2017
Discussion needed around how to go ahead with our 10YPP.
Options are:

  • to create the plan ourselves and engage contractors as needed
  • contract the plan out to a provider who will manage the plan and the maintenance according to the plan and charge us a set fee
  • Investigate the role of Opus as to whether they do this.

Proposal to find the best method for using an outside provider

New health and safety provider for building checks provided by diocese - will do our monthly safety checks.

August 2017
For health and safety see principal's report -assurances.
Feedback on new building
Hall heaters are now installed and making a big difference.

June 2017
Updates to hazard register.
Trip in car park - white lines painted on wooden kerbs
Waitaki Refrigeration have been chosen to do the hall heaters - Bill Hayden is following this up.
What sort of timeframe should we put on consultation on new buildings before returning ideas to diocese?
We need to update 10YPP.

May 2017
Caretaker does daily safety check - nothing to note

A staff member slipped from a chair whilst putting up pictures and strained her back, claiming ACC.  The hazard register had already been shared and discussed with staff, it has been shared again and added to the staff handbook.  The hazard register instructs staff to use a stepladder and not to do it when there is no-one in the building.  

A child fell off the flying fox and broke his elbow - check the substrate. 

The floor in the staff toilet in the junior area collapsed due to a long term slow leak.  It has caused a complete collapse of the toilet floor and part of the floor in the adjoining maths room.  We had to do something and our caretaker has removed all the damaged material, dried out the area, recovered the floor and restored the toilet to working order.  The diocese wants to take responsibility and will be meeting here with a builder.

The diocese will also look at a similar leak in a teacher's cupboard in the junior school.

The diocese has agreed to take responsibility for the hall heaters.  They are negotiating with Waitaki Refrigeration.  They are looking at heating the hall to 18 degrees, not 22 as they think this is more sensible.  The Home and School will give $12k towards the cost and the diocese will pay the rest.  See finance report for arrangement of this.

The middle outside security light unit in the junior school is broken.  We need to replace the unit.  I have asked the diocese to cover the cost.  We have an electrician organised to do it.

We need to redo our 10YPP.  We need to decide how much of our maintenance money to keep aside to continue to upgrade remaining buildings.

March 2017
Letter sent to Bill Hayden - he has been sick and we are assured plans are progressing and we will be meeting soon.
Fence - explained in letter to Bill
Black mould/smell in junior east area - diocese also informed.
Cavity under junior block has been closed off.
Property committee did a walk of the school to identify hazards
Fire drill completed - 
Hazard register - "soft" hazards Hazard register
School walk through to identify other areas of hazard - identified staff need to keep items away from heaters.
Health and Safety is an item at the staff weekly meeting.

February 2017 

Letter to Bill Hayden
Scout Hall
10YPP on hold
cavity under junior block to be closed off

November 2016
Hall hire agreement  - alcohol is up to the hirers to get a licence if they sell it and our choice whether we allow it for personal consumption - we could ask for a $200 bond.  
Check insurance - what happens for a big mishap?
Visit to Dunedin
Maintenance schedule

Health and Safety:
Netball post fell down and hurt a child (bump on the head) - The holes have had a wedge inserted so that the posts cannot come out.
Bob is arranging for steel hoops to be put through the soccer posts so they cannot be moved.
Fence at the junior end?

October 2016
We have the electrical compliance certificate for the kitchen - it is filed with our compliance certificates and Anne is putting a laminated copy in the kitchen.
    Use phone book money for hall chairs?
    Confirm board to purchase cutlery and basics for the kitchen
    Confirm - go ahead to fit electrical plus
f   Fit a sliding door in order to avoid the door hitting on the benchtop?
    Draft Hall Hire Agreement


      Lorraine is looking for the latest Opus report and 10 Year property plan - will talk to Jenny/Des.

September 2016
  • Michael and Paul met with Home and School members regarding the school hall. (Please see attached notes)
  • The Opus School Health and Safety audit was tabled. Two  minor items have been attended to.
  • The 10 year property plan was also presented and discussed. This is a document for the board as a whole to consider.
Property Committee Meeting

2nd September 2016



Paul Cartlidge, Michael Plieger, Megan and Mark Philipps

The aim of this meeting was to address two letters received by the BOT regarding recent use of the kitchen for the Dominican Celebration and the First Communion Celebration. It was also to answer several questions about the recent kitchen upgrade.

Next Steps
Who is the current electrician?
Glen Taylor

Has a certificate of electrical compliance been issued for the electrical work undertaken in the recent kitchen upgrade?
Mark called Glen to confirm this. Glen provided the school with this certificate along with his invoice.
Track down and display the certificate in the kitchen
The electrical circuit is tripping when the sound system is in use
The stand alone speaker has been checked out
Need to contact Leanne regarding quotes for this to be fixed
Are there plans for more cutlery etc?
As the kitchen isn’t used on a regular basis additional cutlery is considered a low priority. Cutlery can be borrowed from the Dean O Reilly lounge or the staff room, as has been done to date
Decide if more kitchen items are a worthwhile investment
The pie warmers currently present a hazard as they are plugged into power sockets on the opposite wall, requiring extension cords.
An electrician will need to install another bank of plugs for the two fridges to be plugged into. This will allow the pie warmers to be plugged in behind the fridges and will eliminate the need for extension cords.

Plugs cannot be within 200mm of a water source
Organise an electrician to make this change.
The ovens were not wired in for the Dominican event
The oven arrived after the electrician had finished and he wasn’t notified that it had arrived. It is not hard wired in anyway and so was a simple matter of plugging it into the wall.
The bench next to the dishwasher had been moved
It has been returned to it’s original position and shouldn’t be moved as it may damage wiring or the floor
Mark will fix the bench to the wall with a bracket
Does the kitchen have a commercial license?
Not currently as this is approximately $900 per year and we don’t have enough custom to justify the expense. The kitchen would require a hand basin in order to be compliant. Apart from that, the kitchen is at a commercial standard.
Decide whether or not to install a handbasin and apply for a commercial license
Busy Bumbles items are currently cluttering the kitchen
We have allocated Busy Bumbles the  two empty drawers nearest the hall door in the kitchen

Communication lines between the BOT and the H and S could be strengthened
Share notes such as these with the H and S

Bot member visit H and S meeting and vice versa
Arrange these steps

August 2016

  1. Fire drill to be completed over the next week.
  2. Health and Safety book to be reviewed.  - Paul & Michael
  3. Heating system in hall causing problems with overload and non function.  Jill to contact Bill Haydon to gauge level of support from the Diocese
  4. Suggestion from the committee 'that there is a check on the complete electrical system for the hall area'.
  5. Has there ever been a compliance certificate issued for the use of the kitchen as a 'commercial kitchen'.
  6. Hole in the wall - Junior Hub 1. As above - Jill to contact Bill Haydon.
  7. Fence renewed at Eastern end of the grounds.  Owner of house re fencing, had asked the school's permission.  Matter of compensation left in the hands of the Diocese.
  8. Policies/School docs - Property, Health & Safety policies circulating the committee. 

Minutes for 28 June 2016
1. Strategy Committee to review Child Protection Policy
2. Busy Bumbles Health and Safety Documentation reviewed - folder of policies for board to     view ?
3. Fire Drill - check with Grant or otherwise Michael could be able to take some time off.
4. Health and Safety booklet distributed - Michael and Grant to review the guide for board of trustees to report back for the next sub committee meeting & board meeting in Term 3.

Minutes for board 24 May 2016
  • July 1st deadline for updated Child Protection Polic
  • Follow up from Health and Safety information. 
  • It’s great to hear of your interest in the SchoolDocs service for St Joseph’s School, Oamaru.
    SchoolDocs does not charge an initial set up cost, just the annual subscription fee and for that fee, your school receives:
    ü  a robust, well written, and ‘best practice’  set of policies and procedures tailored to your school, without you doing all the work
    ü  a single up to date source for your school’s policies and procedures, hosted by SchoolDocs and accessible to your whole school community
    ü  regular reminders through the email advisory service of upcoming reviews and scheduled compliance issues
    ü  an online review tool, including online review reports of content and implementation feedback, doing away with a lot of paperwork and administrative effort
    ü  the confidence that with over 350 SchoolDocs schools and the SchoolDocs team involved in each topic review, the review process is collaborative and rigorous and the content up to date
    ü  new content developed for you, as required by an audit or new legislative requirement, saving you a lot of time and effort and ‘reinventing of the wheel’.

  • Please check email link. We would like to recommend to investigate with a view to adopting this School Docs site.
  • Link to Health and Safety Guide
  • Visit from Bill Haydon, the architect will be back in touch. They wish to sit with board and look at thirty year plan going forward. Further to the visit, advise the board of progress with regards to a time frame.
  • External painting completed.
  • Stones to be replaced - discussion around these and the cost to replace them.
March 2016
1. Feb minutes.Jenny to email Bill H about 10 YP Paintwork on south fence Reed Street end, new goal posts to be installed in the holidays, hall kitchen completed GF to source commercial standard consent, uniform shop completed, check power use for air cons.
2. Scout Hall / Own hall updates After school care. Vision mothers catholic music/ pre school group.
3. Health Act
4. Quote from Craig Meek - JJ to email BH re Health & Safety concern
5. Vulnerable Children's Act: Adopt at next board meeting  More organisations will be required to have Child Protection Policies as soon as practicable from 18 April. Review our policy. 

February 2016
1. Follow up work from end of 2015 with caretaker delays due to weather. He is working on the list now. 
2. 10 YP - 
3. Hall kitchen progress -plan to install this in March.
4. Uniform shop - underway.
5. Air conditioning units installed.
6. Drink fountain/water bottle filler installed.
7. External contracted painting deferred until end Term 1 holidays.
8. Des to talk to Craig Meek about the leaking spouting.
9. NZCEO Feb report
December 2015: JJ attended NZSTA Health and Safety workshop-see actions, Parish (Tony Mullally) email about Scout Hall & car park
1. A list was prepared for the caretaker on general  maintenance. Des prepared a follow up report. We need to write a letter to CEO.
2. We need to respond to Parish with regards to the hall and carpark.
3. Quotes for uniform shop.
4. Staff to carry out Fire Drill
5. New Health & Safety templates at this link.

Roof and spouting is bad.  Holes allowing water to stain the concrete below.
Two pillars in the Junior school veranda need to be replaced.
Back fence at Junior playground will be a problem soon.
Gaps in hedge a major problem.
11 Kowhai had to be replaced.  Students need to be encouraged to respect their environment.
Bike shed roof starting to rust.
Hall foyer and ladies toilet roof sagging...needs baton support.
Gave list to the caretaker.  He is able to attend to all the work and the baton work.
Management team to do the fire drill.

Playground Tidy Up
  •      Varnish outside Paul’s Classroom on         cubby holes
  •     Senior playground painting Dark green     seating area alongside netball court
  •     Junior playground painting archway
  •     Painting metal bars in senior          playground
  •      Paint junior playground stone fence
  •     Paint blue gate by scout hall
  •     Iron railings on fence in Reed Street
  •     Move away bike stand from blue seat    near Mrs Wilkie’s house
  •     Prepare for new basketball goal hoops
  •    Gaps in hedge to be filled in
  •   All blue seats are going to be done by painters
  •   Missing edging around field to be tidied up
  •  Bark area parallel to Oamaru North to be rebarked

October 2015 Meeting report, Email about school projects from Gerald Scanlon
Present: Des, Michael, Jenny
1.Visit from Property Manager & CEO Dunedin - planning to put in doorway in junior block
2.Tap not metred in the playground - JJ contact council
3.Tsnumai & earthquake drills in Term 4
4.Scout Hall
5. Uniform shop space get quotes as per floor
6. Playground refresh - painting seats etc for 2016
7. Painting contract 2016 for external arranged
8. 10YP update awaiting response
9. Bark tidy up
10. Hall upgrade project plans -blinds, kitchen, chairs, sound system
11. Murals and prayer spaces, hall project - 

Meeting with James from Opus 25/08/15

1. Tranche list for maintenance and ensure school and diocese carry out responsibility
2. 10 yr plan collaboration between diocese and board for next 10 years.
3. Exec summary: Record any problems and what to improve and develop from the board's perspective. What are the challenges? Where do we want the school to be ? This is for items over $5000
4. Draft only at this stage - summary projects next 10 years
5. How do we spend the maintenance 
budget ? Cyclical maintenance we get $16,000. We need to itemise how we roughly spend it.
(Anything under $5000 don't need to know about ).
Draft Executive Summary prepared by JJ for the board: Strategic vision and key property challenges

Our vision is for a Catholic education centre that welcomes students, educators, families , parishioners and community members into a vibrant, innovative, faith filled learning hub. In 2015, since creatively adapting classrooms into Engaged Learning Spaces (ELS’s), we have welcomed educators from Timaru (12), Weston (3), Invercargill (2), Temuka (3),UK (1), North Otago (45) and shortly South Otago (17). That’s over 80 visitors so far. We envision that this trend will continue as we openly model innovative teaching practices.
Challenges: A compact office space has proven challenging for the growing number of students and visitors alike especially with two office staff operating from the one space. We presently have 233 students and expect to have over 245 by the end of the year.
Further challenges include: upgrade of senior toilets, re roof veranda to Block B, modernisation of Block A.

Report from Meeting: Monday 3rd August
Present: Michael Plieger, Jenny Jackson, Des Burke

1.Recommend Programmed Property Services. Awaiting confirmation.
2.Staff toilet floor completed to a good standard.
3.Furniture grant : Hall furniture and fittings for audio. Plan for Dennis’ proposal.
4.Home & School kitchen proposal progress. Picked up last Thursday.
5.10 year plan -awaiting Opus and the diocese.JJ contact Bill Haydon.
6. Health & Safety - new requirements under the Vulnerable Children's Act. MOE Health and Safety presentation. Lock down procedures if needed.Link here.
7. Hall heaters - JJ follow up.
8. Windows upstairs - we will investigate safety catches - JJ talk to caretaker
9. Fire Drill switch activated by a child. Michael to source glass, if not Oamaru Glass.
10. External walk to be arranged with caretaker.
11. $250 donation from North Otago Irrigation will put towards sandpit.
Hazard and Maintenance feedback - propose sourcing of air conditioners for upstairs 2016, heaters to be repaired.

Report from Meeting: Monday 22nd June
Present: Michael Plieger, Jenny Jackson, Des Burke

1. Wash down and future external painting quotes to be obtained for 2016 - two quotes received. Recommend Programmed Property Services. 
2.Two quotes for staff toilet floor - we will make recommendation based on final price to be done in the holidays. 
3.Furniture grant. Hall furniture and fittings for audio etc Dennis’ ideas. Paint out/ top windows. Get a new screen.
4.Home & School kitchen proposal progress
5.10 year plan -awaiting Opus and the diocese
5. maintenance update 
6. Health & Safety - new requirements under the Vulnerable Children's Act. MOE Health and Safety presentation. Lock down procedures if needed.Link here.
7. Hall heaters - still problems. Michael to look.
8. Windows upstairs - we will investigate safety catches
9. Fire Drill took place while whole school in the hall. Good experience and opportunity to review evacuation exits and procedures - cell phones, first aid kits be taken to the hall, contact numbers for parents and closing of doors.
No news on Opus 10 year plan visit yet.
External walk to be arranged with caretaker.
Hazard and Maintenance feedback - propose sourcing of air conditioners for upstairs 2016, heaters to be repaired.

Report from Meeting: Monday 3rd May
Present: Michael Plieger, Jenny Jackson, Des Burke

1. Caretaker to check fire bells as a result of the last fire drill.
2.Wash down and future external painting quotes to be obtained for 2016 - one quote received so far. Awaiting others.
3. Carpets have been cleaned.
4. Fire plans reviewed.
5. Awaiting quotes for staff toilet floor.
6. SNUP work to begin on the 15th July
7. No news on Opus 10 year plan visit yet.
7. The committee did an internal walk through the school.
8. External walk to be arranged with caretaker.

Report from meeting : Tuesday 24th March
Present: Michael Plieger, Jenny Jackson
Apology: Des Burke
1.Property Manager Bill Haydon visited and is making plans for modernising parts of the junior school. The diocese will create a doorway between 2 of the learning spaces in the July holidays.
2. Discussion at board level with regards to 21st Century vision
3. School lighting upgrade completed.
4. Washdown and future external painting quotes to be obtained for 2016.
5. Ceiling testing all good.
6. Half of the school carpets to be cleaned in the April holidays.
7. Fire Safety plans reviewed and shared with staff.
8. We will go ahead to get quotes for staff toilet floor repairs.
9. We are on the waiting list for the 10 Year Plan update with Opus
10.SNUP6.2b St Joseph's School (Oamaru) details - (First Draft) Internal infrastructure plans for ultra fast broadband have been signed off by the Diocese.
11. Programme Maintenance will complete the fifth year internal painting touch ups in April holidays (week 1).
12. Staff to receive hazard report forms (digital version) to be completed. Walk through planned for early Term 2.

Report from Monday 9th February 2015
  1. Recommend start paperwork for procedure for doorway between 2 of the Junior classrooms to be actioned for 2016. 
  2. Carpet laying cost of $732.55 for donated carpet for new staff room will be paid by the Dunedin Diocese.  Second hand carpet generously donated and thank you card sent.
  3. Letter received from Property Manager, Catholic Property Services reminding us of the work spent on the school since 2008.  This includes: Re-roof of hall and library block, upgrade class room heating, upgrade junior toilets, installation of security  camera and carpet replacement.  Class room lighting upgrade is presently underway.
  4. Quotes for external wash down and maintenance to be sought in 2015 for 2016
  5. Contact Karl Banks to follow up ceiling testing.
  6. Enviro carpet cleaning quote received - carpets will be cleaned across 2015 and 2016.
  7. Jenny to review fire safety responsibilities and evacuation plan with staff by end of February.
  8. Bob to look at repairing staff toilet floor.
  9. Jenny to contact OPUS to prepare an updated 10yr plan.
  10. Property Terms of Reference were reviewed.

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