December 2018

Uniform Survey
We have had 73 surveys returned.

Option 1 - 25 = 34%
Option 2 - 12 = 17%
Option 3 - 17 = 23%
Option 4 - 19 = 26%

1. Keep it the same
2. As 1 with tartan skorts
3. As 1 with tartan skorts and polo shirts for boys and girls
4. Unisex, same all year round, same for PE.

September 2018

Upcoming Uniform Review - suggested process:
Our uniform policy is up for board review in term 1 next year.  There will be full community consultation before renewing the policy in 2019.  We welcome ideas from the Home and School, or any parents, on uniform modifications.  We would be particularly interested in seeing modifications other Catholic schools have made.  Please provide ideas/feedback/modifications by the end of week 1 of next term. These should come to me.   I will also be asking the whole community for feedback before that date. The board will consider the feedback/forward and some selected ideas will be presented back to the community for further consideration.  The Dunedin and Southland Catholic schools have made a joint publicity brochure and are strongly promoting a united image for our Catholic schools (within reason) and so our uniform choices will need to be in keeping with our overall Catholic school connections - which still leaves some room for manuvere.

Term 3 - Student Wellbeing Review

August 2018

Report Trial feedback 2018

Curriculum and achievement self review cycle put forward for acceptance.  This matches our own review cycles ie what the staff are doing.  

Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
Term 4
Achievement Analysis
Visual Art,
Social Sciences,
Core curriculum +  target update
Dance & Drama,
Religious Education
Core curriculum + analysis of variance
Curriculum Review

2018 - Reading

2019 - Writing
Religious Education
2019 - Maths
2019 - Oral Language
2019 - Health and Physical Education

Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
Term 4
Curriculum Review

2018 - Reading

2019 - Writing
Religious Education
2019 - Maths
2019 - Oral Language
2019 - Health and Physical Education

Three Year Curriculum Review Cycle

Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
Term 4
Year 1 (2020)
Visual Art
Social Sciences,
Performing Arts
Year 2
Reading (including oral language)
Year 3
Religious Education
Inquiry Curriculum
Health and Physical Education

Update to within school curriculum reviews and teaching programs

Curriculum Area
Term 3, 2018
Term 4 2018
Term 1 2019
Oral Language
Term 2 2019
Health and Physical Education
Term 3 2019

Long Term Plan - develop further guidelines for each curriculum area as we go

Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
Term 4
Oral language and Health and Physical Education
The Arts
Singing Cup
Visual Art
Social Sciences
Performing Arts - production
Science - Nature of Science (NoS) and Living World
Careers - yr 7 & 8
Computational Thinking
Technology - yr 1-6
Social Sciences
Science (NoS)
Material World
Science (NoS)
Physical World
Computational Thinking*
Technology - yr 1-6

Social Sciences
Performing Arts - production
Science (NoS)
Planet Earth and Beyond
Careers - yr 7 & 8
Computational Thinking
Technology - yr 1-6

Agenda February 2018

- review curriculum review cycle
- reflect in meeting planner

Year 7 & 8 Me and My School NZCER survey
Year 4-6 Me and My School NZCER survey

December 2017
National Standards Analysis
Analysis of Variance

Analysis of Variance 2017
National Standards Analysis 2017

October 2017

Year 4-8 Wellbeing Survey
Years 4-8 Wellbeing Survey Term 4 2017


Years 4 to 8 took an extensive online assessment through Wellbeing@school - a Ministry resource.  This provided rich data which we have been able to analyse in multiple ways.  The results are “normed” that means they are compared against the norm for other schools in New Zealand.  

When we do repeated surveys over time we will be able to monitor our own progress.  For this first time I have compared our outcomes with the “norm.”  On the whole we fit closely within the norm.  Recorded below are the areas for each part of the survey where we are slightly above or below the norm.  These are our first areas of celebration and growth and our next steps will be to address the areas of growth.

The conclusions drawn from the information fit with our own observations and conclusions established from our day to day practice and there were no surprises.

Areas of celebration
  • Community connections and home family partnerships are strong, respectful and positive.
  • Children know bullying is unacceptable at our school.
  • Children say they are taught what behaviours are OK and not OK.  
  • High inter-cultural respect
  • A big social skills and self control intervention in the year 4 class in term 2 this year has paid off with year 4 more positive than the norm and more so than the rest of the school in all areas of wellbeing.

Areas of Concern
Some children recorded that the school rules are not known and not everyone thinks the values are important.  They explained they say this  because they see some people break the rules and disregard the school values and so they are deducing the rules are unknown and the values not important to some people.  When asked, all children are very clear on the school expectations.  

Students record that student-initiated interactions are more disrespectful than the norm, particularly name calling and putdowns.  Many staff have worked very hard this year to reinforce that this is NOT the culture at St Joseph’s.  We believe over time we will be able to reinforce this more and more as children who have become accustomed to this sort of interaction leave the school.

Ethnicity and Gender
There was a strong trend throughout the school:

Children of European background had a more negative outlook and recorded more negative answers, the cumulation of which has put the school at or below the norm in certain areas.  

Children of Pasifika background were well above the norm for positive wellbeing.  Asian children were above the norm.  

European boys were more negative than girls whilst for other cultures there was a gender balance in wellbeing.  

The non-European children also recorded a stronger sense of respect, values, following school expectations, and family/school connections.  

It is only a proportion of the male European group that struggles with school values and it would be easy to say the group needs or wants more male role-modelling and would respect male staff more.  In fact, respect and desirable behaviours from this group have increased dramatically this year with an all female staff.  Male providers who have come to the school to provide service for other reasons have not consistently been given the respect our female staff is now shown.  It also doesn’t explain the much more positive respectful responses from males of other cultures.  So male role-modelling is not the answer.  Perhaps it has something to do with expectations.

In 2017 we have done a lot of work to raise children’s expectations for themselves with regards to respect.  A side effect of this has been the staff have had to be very very firm about expectations and remove some of the student choice.  The loss of children’s choice and voice, to some degree, was also reflected in the Wellbeing survey and we hope it will be a temporary measure while we continue to work to align the values of our whole school community.

Year 1-3 Safety Survey
Responses to further explain "no" or "sometimes"

Sometimes - I always get stuck in the sand or fall down
Sometimes - Said Kind of Safe but ticked everything as feeling safe around people and places, so nothing in particular
No - because sometimes I get sad and play by myself.
Sometimes - first day back to the school from living away, a bit nervous
No - I feel scared sometimes because I'm shy and when Mum comes late I cry at the gate

Staff EEO survey

NZ Pakeha12
NZ Maori2
Four staff members live with the effect of a disability
Asked to specify if they need any aids:
Still taking medication for Giant Cell Arteritis and has had some effect on distance sight but is improving. This doesn't impact on classroom work. My sight is continuing to improve.
I have a hearing disability and it really helps if speakers in the hall use a microphone

Maori Consultation
18 students are identified as Maori.  Only 10 come up in our achievement data as the first ethnicity is the one recorded for achievement.  All Maori families were contacted and given two possible times for a face to face consultation - an afternoon and an evening.  Only one person was able to make it.  That was a positive chat.  So I sent out a form with the option of online feedback.  One person gave feedback via the form:

In what ways do you notice St Joseph's embracing our bicultural heritage?Is there something more you think we could realistically do that we are not? What would you like for your child to experience as a Maori learner?
Respecting and valuing our heritage
Caring for each other
Opportunities to grow in the Maori culture with experiences
No-We don't connect as much with our Maori Heritage as our cousins To be valued as a learner, respected and support to achieve to his full potential
(iwi not included so as not to identify respondent)

Strategic planning is needed around our self review and reporting schedule.  Our next strategy meeting could look at this in some detail.

September 2017

CONSULTATION: - Community - decided not to do a specific consultation at the end of this year, we did a big one last year and a mid year checkup.  Do a good consultation at the end of 2018 to see how we're going with the charter goals.

Maori - Lorraine to contact Maori families for a face to face catchup.

Policy Review:

The community login for the site is at To login, click the link and enter the following details when prompted:
username: stjosephsoamaru
password: veritas
Students with special needs / learning support
Child Protection

August 2017
Year 4 student wellbeing survey update
Mid Year Parent Survey

June 2017
Student safety survey

Policies for review

  • Special Character Updates
  • Documentation and Self Review
  • Employer Responsibility

March 2017
Policies for review:
Do we need a strategy sub-committee meeting before each board meeting?  Should they be scheduled two-three times a year to analyse annual plan and target updates, to initiate community consultation and review charter and annual plan for the next year?

February 2017  

School docs is almost ready  -  see EOTC type D activity below.  Shall we change it to board approved?

Charter and annual plan complete and ready to be ratified.  -  anything to add/query

National Standards data, analysis and AoV completed from 2016 and ready to go to Ministry.

Community of Learning Meeting
Leadership team established.-
Discussion re: stewardship - a board member, but not much to report yet - twice a year?
Have formed a code of ethics
Four year agreement
Achievement challenges - literacy and numeracy - NCEA L2 85% - will work through right back to kindergarten.
Need AoV Data and Logo

Clarification around Type D Activity, at present it is:

Do we want all of Type D to be board approved?

November 2016
EEO survey - 2016 EEO survey
Student wellbeing survey - 2016 Student wellbeing survey

Policies for review:
SPF30 - no longer the case - should be SPF50.  Change it.  Reminders for sunscreen.  Ask parents to put sunscreen in their bags for children to put on at lunchtime.

Possible EOTC blanket permission form: Blanket EOTC form
Where is the parent information stored?

October 2016

Transitions to St Kevin's and offer from SKC.  Read Science in Intermediate to help form opinion.
Student safety survey
EEO survey 

September 2016

  • ·         Term 4 Camps were discussed and each teacher will have them ready to present to the Board by next meeting.
  • ·   Survey of Staff discussed. Schedule for early next term?
  • ·   School Docs – board members have had time to fill in their questionnaires and add to or delete from their part of the policies. These will go to Lorraine at next meeting.
  • ·   Suggestion that a statement is put on the website that contains the current policies and procedures to the effect that these are changing as they are going to a new provider.

August 2016

  1. Result of student survey gone to parents on the weekly blog.
  2. Committee reviewing the Child Protection Policy
  3. Policies/School docs - circulating and being reviewed by the committee.

June 2016
  • Review Child Protection Policy in line with Vulnerable Children's Act -This was reviewed and draft in board packs to be approved.
  • Student safety survey results - summary for board members. This can be shared with community after the board meeting.
  • End of Term 2 goal progress
  • School Docs - If we go ahead, can we negotiate to start in 2017 ? Health and Safety Act.

May 2016
1. Board elections: Nominations by this Friday. Will know by Tuesday how many members. Postage ? Timing? Ballot Box
2. School site policies discussed. Questions and take to the board.
3. Student safety survey to be carried out in Week 4 Term 2, 2016.

March 2016
1. Minutes from Feb - Board elections, JJ to contact Tony Brady for returning officer
2. Children's Action Plan policiesHealth & Safety JJ to find out more information about external advisor
3. Core Competency Framework
4. Safety survey- Beginning Term 2 Draft in board packs.
5. policies - To be revisited and motion moved to be accepted for 2016. JJ to find out about external advisor.
6. Progress on goals - Reporting to ensure effort and progress evident especially if child is below.
February 2016
1.Analysis of Variance, annual plan & charter, goals - Board to review before the meeting.
2.Uniform progress -sample should be with us soon.
3. Goal Setting consultation - Children to choose something positive in their learning so far and something they plan to be able to achieve this year (simple eg. reading at mass).JJ to set out display of Strategic Plan/ Annual Plan for parents to view and discuss. Board election information available.
4.Board Elections 
Recommended dates from NZSTA website
5.Catholic refresher session with new board similar to Katrina's Catholic Essentials.
NZSTA Clutter - buster Tool to ensure activities are purposeful P2 STANEWS Oct 2015 and p9 Innovative Board Practice ideas. Consider these for 2016.

December: Review Policies online, dates for 2016 meetings, strategic plan review (see consultation & reaCh plan) goal progress, staff & student surveys, Internal Evaluation: Good Practice
1. Meeting dates 2016 prepared.
2. Discussed board election dates & processes
3. Reviewed policies. Personnel - volunteers and police vetting
4.Strategic goals - 2016 next steps
5.Student safety survey outcomes for board meeting & staff feedback
6. Uniform feedback
7. Internal Evaluation: Good Practice - copies for board to reflect on for self-review
October 2015 Report
Present: C Cameron, JJackson
Apology: L Cullimore
1. Umbrella policies on site for board to review
2. Uniform progress
3. Board to discuss communities of learning (as per NZSTA email).
4. Self-review Trial ERO indicators - Board to read Domains 1 and 3 to discuss as part of principal's report.
5. Student Safety survey 2015 Cover Health and Safety as well as emotional safety. Include  classroom environment/furniture.  eg. Air conditioner upstairs.JJ to release teachers Yr 4-8 while students complete survey. In 2016, do the survey in Term 2.
6. End of term hub feedback
5. This is the e-learning Survey that Paul has prepared in readiness for our strategic plan for e-learning for 2016-2019.
Here is the survey for the board to review.
The term E-Learning refers to the use of digital technologies in a learning context. This could include I-pads, Chromebooks, Phones or any other device. Blended Learning is the merging of digital and paper, or real world contexts. We are currently seeking your feedback around ICT and E-Learning so that we can better strategically plan for the next 1-3 years at Saint Joseph's. We would really appreciate your response to this survey. Please complete a form for each child, as opinions may differ based on Year level.
* Required

    Your child's Year level in 2015 *

    How important do you think E-learning is in the modern learning environment? *

    An explanation of the above choice would be appreciated

    What do you think are the most important considerations for school device use, e.g. Internet Safety

    Do you have a device available at home to support your child's learning? *

    If you answered yes, what devices do your children have access to at home?


    Would you be willing for your child to bring a device to school to use in the classroom? *

    Would you consider purchasing a device for your child to use at school in 2016?

    How much time do you think your child should have access to a device at school? *

    How do you think that devices would be best utilised at school? *

    How much time do you think your child to have access to a device at home on a typical school night? *

    What are your thoughts on using devices for home learning?

    Do you monitor your child's device usage at home? *

    If yes, How do you monitor their home device use?

    Please add any other comments, questions or queries in the box below.

    What digital skills do you see as important for your child?


    Never submit passwords through Google Forms.

Report for August
Apology: C Cameron 
Present: L Cullimoore, J Jackson
1. 61survey responses collated: 50-50 ties, boys shirts overwhelmingly blue, 94.7% satisfied with new canteen (see copy of responses). 
2. Still to begin to transfer policies to go onto blog once Paula returns from leave.
3. Merino wool option contact details 033048570 We have a sample on the way.
4. Annual student and staff safety surveys to be completed this term for the next board meeting.

Report for June 
1. Survey at parent meetings ?Uniform - boys shirts no ties alternative ?
2. End of term goals - Jenny to complete and share links on progress
3. Target progress - Principal's report
4. Online survey prepare end Term 3
5. Policies to go onto blog
There was no meeting in May due to absence.
Report from 24th March
Present: Lynne, Claire, Jenny
1. Review annual plan to include recognition of online parent consultation Term 4 2014. Recommend a similar approach for early Term 4 2015.
2.Jerseys - Claire sourced alternative options. We will create a brief survey to gauge preferences. Board members come with suggestions to the meeting please.
3.Goal Progress - discussed and Jenny will update at meeting
4. Positive feedback about digital communication - emails and newsblog accessibility

Report from 9th February
  1. Discussed Teaching and Learning site and new tab for board reporting link.
  2. Strategic Plan - rewording of Goal 4a and 9a.
  3. Annual Plan discussion
  4. Self-review cycle 2015-2017 updated
  5. Updated Board of Trustees Schedule of Meetings based on MOE November 2014 guidance report.
  6. Include mention of Charter consultation with community - Family Learning huis, Online survey 2014.

  • Outcomes from consultation - follow up on school uniform - ties and jerseys.  Recommend Intermediate level ties only.

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